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Hurling at Goals

By Conor Power


What is it?

The project involves completing the writing of the novel "Hurling at Goals", having it professionally edited, spell-checked, designed and printed. From initial readings (at the Words by Water literary festival in Kinsale in October 2019) and soundings, I believe that there is a strong public hunger for this novel.

It's a period novel set in the early 19th century in Carlow at the tail end of the era of professional hurling. It's a romantic work of fiction set against an explosive political backdrop. The first fiction ever to be set in the era of professional hurling, it includes fictionalised versions of some historical figures, including William Webb Ellis - the man who would go on to invent rugby. In this book, he's a gay youth witnessing hurling for the first time.

Click here to read a short extract from the book.

Where does your money go?

My target is €11,000. Your generous contributions will be spent on:

  • printing costs (€5,000 for the initial print run of 1,000 copies to be printed in Ireland)
  • editing/spellchecking costs (€3,000)
  • a designer's fee (€3,000)

About Me...

I'm an award-winning journalist and broadcaster and have vast experience writing for various national publications on travel, property, art and other topics. I am the author of a biography of my late father and have written a number of novels and biographies as a ghostwriter. I am part of small progressive writing group of 4 people in West Cork, all of whom are quality writers who have been published and/or are award recipients. All working on long-term novels, we meet regularly to discuss and offer incisive critique. If this project is successful, we hope that this will be the first of a number of publications on a co-operative basis.

Risks or Challenges

Once the target is reached, then the only risks or challenges I might face will be in completing the writing of the book (if, for any reason, I was unable to complete the book). In this instance, my fellow writing group members would be able to complete it.

Why the Crowdfunding Option?

In recent decades, it has become increasingly difficult to get books published in the traditional manner, while the value of writers' output has been reduced dramatically. Furthermore, while the current Covid-19 outbreak continues, the option of the traditional route is effectively closed until further notice. From our collective experiences, we firmly believe that we have book projects which can be published profitably through this route. Our aim is not to produce a vanity project but a work of artistic and cultural significance and to market it successfully so that the author and all those working on the novel will be fairly compensated for their work.

Thank you...

I am very grateful for the time you have given to reading and considering my project. I hope that you will agree that this will be an entertaining work of artistic and cultural importance and am glad to answer any queries that you might have.



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