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My name is Deborah Donnelly and I am a professional artist.. I have been painting for over ten years. My work is in several galleries here, London and Paris. I have been commissioned by Gary Rhodes restaurants for work and Andrew Llyod Webber has several of my pieces.  I also had my own art gallery on Francis street called The Bad Art Gallery which closed in 2009. I was gutted.  But in the end a blessing. I finally got to work on my childrens books which I have been thinking about for several years.

In 2010 I finally published my first painting book " How to paint a cow" step by step. It will be a whole series eventually.

It is also available in the Saachi galleries and Tate Museums in London.

With the launch of the books I have been up and down the country teaching people how to paint and loving it! People are genuinely surprised they can paint and how easy it is. For the last two years I had an idea about a TV painting series and I found a production company to film it for me. They have been working for free as they really believe in the idea too.

Morale is low in Ireland at the moment and I really believe we can paint our way out of it. I believe I can teach anyone to paint!

We sent the pilot into a broadcaster and they loved it but they have no money to fund it. They said if we make 4 ten minute films they might be able to air it with a hope for a summer prime-time TV series (which they can help fund this one eventually) but we have to take the initial risk.

I can't ask the Production team to do any more work for free they have already been too good. We need to film 4 episodes so the Broadcaster can see there is potential for a series. e.g one episode will be filmed in the Rotunda with the doctors and nurses, another on site on the pier with a group of total beginneers, another in the local school and we also have a celebrity paint a cow group.....I really believe in this and I know it will have a feel good factor on the Nation. Please help me do this!

There is a production team of 5 people. Productions costs Director 250, Producer 250 , camera 250, sound 250 total 1000

Post Production 2 days Editor 500 and two day director and producer 500. Total costs per episode is 1900 x 4 = 7600

I think a TV series would compliment the books. the books are a success so I know in my gut this will be too.

Help me do this! Le Gra

Deborah Donnelly