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Her Cylindrical Box

By Stella Godmet


Who Are We?

  • CREW: Stella Godmet (Writer), Robert Harrington(Director), Eoin Lennon (Lighting Designer), John Murphy (Stage Manager), Lisa Krugel (Set Designer), Robbie O'Raw (Producer)Eamon Godmet (Graphic designer and illustrator).
  • CAST: Stella Godmet, Maria Guiver, Matthew O ’ Brien, Martin Phillips,Ronan Wilmot.

Our team is made of artist from different backgrounds, drawn together to successfully bring this play to the stage. 

Robert Harrington has worked with companies such as "Equal and Opposite" productions, "Some Yank 's Theatre" and has recently directed the music  video "Strange Longings" by the Rattle Shakes.

Stella Godmet directed the one-woman play "The Sadness of the Little Sparrow", staged in Smock Alley's main Space last July. She is also the writer of "Her Cylindrical Box" and will be staring in it as Colleen.

What is "Her Cylindrical Box"?

An engagement about to be announced at a party in an old country house... Colleen, the bride-to-be, hides in the library when she comes face-to-face with her cousin Dee. As the story unfolds, concealed motives and threats arise. The characters' public masks drop.

Why Does It Matter?

We would like to invite our audiences to take part in the creative process. Audiences contributions will enable us to stage this piece. 

Why Do We Need Your Help?

This play has been selected to be staged during the Scene + Heard Festival in Smock Alley Theatre 1662.  This festival is not funded, we therefore have to provide financial resources to fulfill our vision of the piece. Crowdfunding gives us the opportunity to build support for this project.

How Will We Use The funds?

The money we raise will be destined to cover the expenses of putting up this production for its premiere as part of the Scene + Heard Festival. The funds raised will be used for the following:

  • Set Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Set / Props
  • Costumes
  • Prints / Programmes
  • Actors / Director / Stage Manager Compensation
  • Scripts / Rehearsals



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