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Help ZASKA's 2nd Album - A Better Way

By Max Zaska


I have a brand new album called “A Better Way” ready to go but I need your help to bring this baby to life.

It’s the next musical step in the neo-soul/funk evolution from my first album and it has face-melting, stanky grooves to get those sweet sweet endorphins flying. It’s a concept record themed around sustainability - not just sustainability for this gorgeous planet, but for all aspects of living a harmonious life. It’s a hopeful album about our ability to turn it all around for ourselves and the next generation.

The artists who are bringing their talents to A Better Way are AMAZEBALLZ and I’m a lucky man to be working with them. Check this line up…

Tolü Makay - Faye O’Rourke - Jess Kav - Melina Malone - Precious Okpaje - James Smith - Carly Coonagh and more.

The dream team band: myself (guitar), Dylan Lynch (drums), Neil Dorrington (bass), and James Smith (keys/synth), who’s also co-producing the album with me.

But Max, why Fund It Round 2?

Back in 2016 my first album, It Takes A Village, came to life because 379 beautiful people contributed €14K on Fund It. This Round 2 is happening because...
2020 gave me lots of time for writing as d’aul anti-craic COVID cancelled a full calendar of paid gigs including festivals, headliners, corporate & private shows.

Approximately €26,000 gonzoooo.

And, my teaching income was reduced to about ½ of what it was pre-pandemic.

Wait, didn’t you get a grant? Why do you need €16,000?

I was very fortunate to have been awarded a grant of €6000 towards the studio and recording costs of this album. It’s awesome and I’m super grateful.  But it doesn’t cover these costs...

PRODUCTION: Remaining studio hire, recording engineer, mixing, mastering, and artist fees = additional €4,000
MANUFACTURING: Vinyl pressing & limited merch manufacturing = €3000
ALBUM MARKETING - photography, design, album artwork, advertising, website redesign, other marketing tools & fees = €3500
SINGLE #1 PROMOTION - video,  PR/radio plugging, radio monitoring, digital advertising, other marketing tools & fees = €3000
SINGLE #2 = €1220 remaining for single #2 budget + additional funding from my future earnings.
FUND IT CUT = Fund It 5% + 3% payment processing = €1280
= €16,000

I learned so much about budgets from releases over the last few years. This budget’s still conservative in comparison to what even a small independent record label might spend, but if expenses aren’t on track, I’ll make like Snoop and drop ‘em like they’re hot.


2014: My first EP with Andrew Hozier-Byrne & Karen Cowley
Dec ‘16: Funded €14.5 K for 1st album. 3 weeks later 1st baby born
Feb ‘19: 1st album It Takes A Village launch. 6 weeks later 2nd baby born
Mar ‘21: Funding 2nd album ends. 5 weeks later 3rd baby expected
Fall ‘21: 2nd album A Better Way launch

I can’t thank you enough for your support on this incredible journey.

Much love,


P.S. Check out those delish rewards!



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