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Help Sive Make Her New Album!

By Sadhbh O'Sullivan


“Sive's gorgeous sound is a fusion of influences, with perfect arrangement, excellent musicianship and charm.” - Barrygruff Music Blog

“Perhaps her standout instrument is her voice, which sweeps along displaying folk and jazz nuances with the confidence of one who knows.” - Eamon Carr, The Herald

“It will renew your faith in the craft and mystery that it takes to make real music.” - Avant Music Port

“Brilliant stuff. Sive is a real find.” - Jackie Hayden, Hot Press

“Eerily great.” - Charlie McGettigan

Hello and thank you for visiting my Fund it page! I'm a singer, songwriter and musician from Kildare. Since releasing my debut album in 2012 I've been lucky enough to embark on many musical adventures, from sharing stages with artists like Kila and John Spillane to performing on Other Voices to touring New Zealand. My own music took a bit of a backseat last year when I moved to Limerick to do an MA in Community Music, but now I'm ready to release a new album.

The Project

So, the difficult second album! I've been working hard on new material and have selected 12 songs to share with the world. Recording has begun in Lamplight Studios and I'm delighted with proceedings. Lots of amazing musicians have already come and lent their talents to make the songs sound nice and tasty.

However this is where I need your help. While recording is almost complete, the album needs to be mixed, mastered and manufactured and all of this is an expensive business!

But how does it work and why should I help?

For those of you not familiar with Fund it, it operates on a reward system. Any pledge of €10 or more is basically a preorder of the album, so not only are you helping with its creation but you will also be one of the first people to receive it before it comes out! The rewards then get more fancy the more you pledge.

If a project doesn't reach its target it doesn't get funded at all, meaning the target is the minimum I need to raise in order to receive any of your contributions. Your money won't leave your account until the campaign is over. Fund it also take an 8% cut to cover their own costs.

My target will cover mixing, mastering, manufacturing and artwork. Anything left will help with the album launch, music videos, string quartet hire etc.

Thank you!

First of all, thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far by coming to gigs and buying or sharing my music. Secondly, THANK YOU in advance to anyone who supports this endeavour! Every single donation makes a huge difference, and if you can't afford to pledge (we've all been there!) please consider sharing the campaign with anyone who might be interested :)

So check out the rewards to see if anything tickles your fancy, and feel free to come and say hi...



Sive x



The Home Stretch

Hello dear funders, I've been holding off on sending this last update until I had finalised all of the vital information for you, which I now believe I have! Firstly and most foremostly, the albums have arrived and are now an actual thing that exists in the physical realm, so I'll be sending you your copies in the coming weeks! I'm LAUNCHING IT ON THURSDAY 4TH OF MAY (just thought I'd utilise the caps lock function there so I could catch your attention if you're a speed reader because that bit's important) in Bello Bar Dublin and I would love love love if you could join me and celebrate! A bunch of savagetastic musicians will be adding their delicious flourishes to the night so personally I think it's gonna be awesome but obviously I'm the one hiring them so like...I'm biased? But IT WILL! The first single from the album will be released on Tuesday 21st March, following by another song/video in the weeks after that, and then the album will be available to buy digitally from the 1st of May. But obviously if you opted for the CD or download you will get yours before that! On that note, this will probably be my last Fund:it update, so if you bought a reward that required me posting you something and haven't sent me your address yet please do so! Many thanks again for all your support, my gratitude is renewed all over again now that it's becoming a reality! I hope you're all keeping splendidly and look forward to sharing new music with you soon. I'm booking some tour dates to bring the record around about the place, so even if you can't make the launch (but doooo!) I might meet you along the way. Well that's it from me! It's been an interesting journey... Peace and love and sunshine and all that other good shit! Sadhbh xxx

Season's Greetings!

Hello dear friends & funders, As we head into the final stretch of the silly season, I thought it'd be a good time to send you all an update. You may have noticed the album is not out yet ;) But rest assured we are still on track for release in spring 2017! Completion of recording and mixing has taken a little longer than planned due to many different reasons, but then doesn't it always? Between throat troubles, cancelled recording sessions, clashing timetables and generally just the whole 2016-being-a-bit-of-a-weirdo thing (seriously though what's the story with that? Are yiz all alive out there?), I had to wait a while to be able to finish off some final vocals which are now DONE AND DUSTED! Since this is a craaazy busy time of year, myself and mix engineer Stephen Shannon have decided to put aside a couple of days in January to really hone in on putting the finishing touches on the mixes (which are soooo nearly there!). That way we can give it our undivided attention and energy before we sign off, rather than slotting it in for a couple of hours here and there whenever we both have time. I don't want this album to be something that just fitted in while everything else took priority; I want it to be something I can stand by and say I gave everything to. Especially since so many of you fabulous people got behind it before it even existed! So, while this does mean it will take a little longer to release than originally planned, I think it will be a better album as a result of this time and space to breathe. I'm genuinely delighted with it - Steve has been fantastic and patient and great at understanding what I have in my mind, so I hope you will get some pleasure out of listening to the finished product! I thank you for your patience and hope this email finds you all approaching the holidays in good spirits! Sending love and light... Sive x

Hello Again...

Hello dear album funders, I just wanted to send you a quick update to let you know that a) I have not forgotten about the fact that you gave me a load of your money, b) I have not done a runner with said money, and c) although you haven't heard from me in a while, there WILL be an album! So, things got a little delayed BUT they are indeed on the moooove. Mixing begins early next month with the fabulous Stephen Shannon, who has produced albums by some of my most favouritest Irish artists like Inni-K and Mary & the Pigeons. Another equally fabulous human by the name of Mark Hill has created a beautiful image for the cover and I have already made a start with putting the artwork together. And so, despite the delays, I'm still hopeful that the whole thing should be finished and ready to go to print by the end of the summer! And that's all you need to know for the moment, methinks. Thank you again for your continued support and I hope you're enjoying the sunny season... Grá Sadhbh xxx

One Last Update...

Hello beautiful people, As we enter the final 24 hours of the campaign I just want to say another thank you for supporting this project. After the great response of the first few days I realised that no matter what happened, whether I reached the target or not, I would be so thankful for the support and interest people had shown. The fact that we actually exceeded the target just blows my mind! Oh sheeeeeit, am I getting emotional? Shurrup Sive ye big bleedin eejit! Anyway, you'll be hearing from me about your rewards in the next few days, once Fundit have given me all the information. In the meantime, if you know anyone who wants to get involved be sure to let them know there's only a day left! Big big love, Sadhbh


It's all in the title. We did it lads! You are deadly. So now that that's done I should probably tell you that there is no album. I'm going on holidays to Barbados. So long suckers...! JUST KIDDING. Big massive THANKS to all of you for pledging and spreading the word. It means so much and I can't wait to start mixing these songs so I can share them with you. The campaign will be running for another 6 days, so if you know someone who was planning on getting involved be sure to let them know that they still can! My target covered mixing, mastering and manufacturing but any more money raised will be put towards other expenses involved in the project - the launch, the tour, the hire of a string quartet...etc... The album will hopefully be out in the autumn and obviously those of you who pledged for the pre-order will get it before it goes out into cyber world. But I will keep you posted about all of that as it unfolds! In the meantime, have a splendiferous weekend, Sadhbh xx

Your Weekly Update!

Hello dear funders! With two weeks left to go in the campaign, we are almost 80% of the way there. Woohoo! Still quite a way to go but I am absolutely delira and excira by all of the support. While it would of course be fantastic to live in a world where alternative original music would be more able to sustain itself, if that were the case then lovely ideas like crowdfunding might not exist. For me, these projects are a reminder that people on the ground are still supportive of the arts and are willing to give each other a dig out in order to make sure independent music can thrive. And isn't that lully! In other words, people are pretty deadly. YOU'RE DEADLY. I'm taking a few moments before heading out to a choir rehearsal to take stock and realise how lucky I am to be able to do what I love. I hope you have a few moments today to sit down and take stock of the good things in your life too! And remember: YOU'RE DEADLY. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEQK6nfmO3M&feature=youtu.be Until next time, Sadhbh x

A Little Update and a New Song!

Hi friends, Just a quick update to let you know recording is finished (with the exception of one song which your very generous pledges will be pushing over the line). Woohoo! I uploaded a brand new song to YouTube yesterday because I felt like celebrating the fact that we reached 70% just in time for the two week mark. The song is called Humans and will feature on the new album. 70% is a great place to be with over half of the campaign time still left, so THANK YOU! Here's the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqGGNZckD1c (you'll have to copy and paste that into the address bar as I don't think links work in these Fundit messages) If you like it, please do feel free to share it and invite your friends to get involved! Thank you again for your support, Sadhbh x

Woooooooah, we're halfway there!!

Dear wonderful funders, We've reached the halfway mark! I honestly could never in a bajillion years have expected the campaign to come this far this fast, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my palpitating heart for your support! I’m currently in the midst of putting the finishing touches on the recordings at Lamplight Studio, so we’ll be good ‘n’ ready to start the mixing process as soon as this campaign ends. Will keep you posted! All the love Sadhbh x


And we're OFF! I can't believe that in less than a day after going live we have already raised well over €500. I'm a bit overwhelmed really. A thousand bajillion thanks to everyone who has pledged and helped get this thang off the ground, and to all the lovely people who have been sharing so far! It's an all-or-nothing job which means I have to reach the target of €3500 to receive any of your contributions, BUT no matter what happens I'm delighted that so many people have been kind enough to show support for this album. Thank you, and I will keep this page updated with progress! Sive x


And we're OFF! I can't believe that in less than a day after going we have already raised well over €500. I'm a bit overwhelmed really. A thousand bajillion thanks to everyone who has pledged and helped get this thang off the ground, and to all the lovely people who have been sharing so far! It's an all-or-nothing job which means have to reach the target of €3500 or I won't receive any of the contributions, BUT no matter what happens I'm delighted that so many people have been kind enough to show for this album! Thank you, and I will keep this page updated with progress! Sive x

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