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Help Morgan La Faye Release Debut Single

By Morgan La Faye


Morgan La Faye is a four piece band from Lucan, Co. Dublin. The band members are: Derek Marten (guitar and vocals), Robbie McCabe (lead guitar), Darren O'Brien (bass/keys) and Darren Malone (drums). We have been together since 2009 and have been gigging regularly in Dublin city centre in venues such as Crawdaddy, Whelans,The Sugar Club,The Village and The Mercantile to name a few. We have performed at numerous festivals around Ireland this summer too, but the highlight for all of us was 'No Place Like Dome' in Sligo which we got to play having been picked by the festival creators!

Our influences as a band are wide and varied from Bob Dylan,The Band, The Beatles, Small Faces, and Creedence Clearwater Revival to Oasis, Blur, Jeff Buckley, Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Air, James Brown and even classical stuff like Edvard Grieg! We are all pretty avid readers so that has also had huge influence on our writing too. Everything influences us really :)

We scrimped and saved for a long time, and in May we went into Phonic Studios on Abbey Street and recorded our debut single Grass is Greener - you can listen to the song on the video clip attached to this campaign.  With the money we receive through Fund it, we will get the CD's produced, promote our single and book a good sized venue in Dublin city centre for the launch night which will take place in November 2011.

We hope you will follow us and this campaign on all our networking sites. We are really proud of what we have recorded and we know we just need a little bit of help to get our music out to the public. You could help us do this and we would be forever indebted.

Thank You so much for helping us !!! :)

Derek, Robbie, Dar and Darren.

Morgan La Faye



This train isn't stopping at the station.......

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached our €1500 target well in advance of our deadline and the figure just keeps moving up!The reason it keeps moving is because of the extreme generosity of so many family members,friends and fans! We realise many of the rewards are gone (€20 and €50) so we have decided if you pledge one of these amounts we will honour your donation and send you a reward ourselves :) At the time of writing this we are 122% funded!This has surpassed all expectations and it is solely down to you, the funders! Cant say 'Thank You' enough but seriously from all the lads.....Thank You :) x

We are half way there!!!!

Hi Folks! Well, the campaign has been up and running now just over two weeks and its unbelievable to see that we have reached the 50% funded mark already! To everyone that has donated thus far , you are all absolutely amazing!We never thought we would receive some of the donations we have and the generosity of people has shown us that even in hard times, people will help you out! We have 19 days to go!If you see our link to this page, feel more than free to share the link on Facebook, twitter and YouTube or anywhere you want (within reason ha ). We haven't reached the total yet and as you know if we don't get 100%, we get nowt!!So for the next 19 days we will push on with our campaign to release "Grass is Greener" and with your help we can do it!So tell your mams and dads,brothers and sisters,nieces and nephews,aunties and uncles,pets and parole officers about our campaign and we will be forever indebted :) Thanks to you all, Derek,Robbie,Dar and Darren :) x

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