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By Headspace


HeadSpace was started by a group of young friends who underwent mental health difficulties.

The name HeadSpace was motivated by the idea that in culture and society, we are not given the time or capacity to express, create and think, that time is money and that you need to buy some 'headspace' you need to be able to afford reflection and reflection and time are essentials to maintaining positive mental health.

For some who time spent in a psychiatric ward, it was noticeable the lack of reading material, for others it was noticeable the lack of creative outlet after discharge, where they can display the art they made inside; but primarily it was motivation to tell others they are not alone and the reactions of people upon discharge motivated thoughts on what is the perception of mental illness in society. The zine HeadSpace hopes to challenge all this.

HeadSpace is a zine about creativity and expression based around the theme of Mental Health. But we want to focus on ALL aspects of Mental Health, the positive and the negative, don't just think illness, think recovery too! THINK about mental health, think about its relation to society, to family, its perception, its history, philosophize about mental health, how do you define it, what's its relationship to personal responsibility?

We are looking for four things
1. Art
2. Creative writing (short storys and poetry)
3. Essays
5. Personal experience stories

First of all if college newspapers agree, we hope to make HeadSpace a once off newspaper supplement and then if we are able we want to distribute HeadSpace inside psychiatric wards, support groups and welfare offices in Universities for free.

The entirety of the costs will go to design and publication, we hope to make 500 A4 booklets with 30 pages + covers in full colour – covers on 250gsm, inserts on 170gsm all on gloss stock: €1,960.20 +vat Quality offset

There will be an open launch night hopefully by the end of March in Exchange Temple Bar with an open mic night and some food and drink.

Headspace is different, its a creative outlet and it can be a support service too as it provides the solidarity that others have gone through what one may be experiencing. On another level it demonstrates how exactly Mental health is viewed, how its changing and where its going and in that way on yet another level, its a think tank.

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