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He Moved Through The Fair

By Kerbute Prod. & Trench Ent.


Are you the type of person who'd interfere with a fairy fort, or cut down a hawthorn? Have you ever heard the Bean-an-Sidh cry? Or would you count yourself a disbeliever?

Mick was a simple man; never spared a thought for yarns. Fairies? Pah! Stories to scare children. Yet this man, with no time for superstition, finds himself facing a nightmare he can scarcely believe.

'He Moved Through The Fair', a supernatural chiller based on Irish folklore and mythology.

Ireland's folklore has often been taken lightheartedly, embracing the idea of 'leprechauns' and the 'little people'. This story draws from the true roots of our native mythology. It is based on real stories and fears, which still remain true to life in rural Ireland. They hark back to a time when stories were not just to entertain and scare but to warn and keep people safe. This story reminds us, among other things, to beware of 'The Other Crowd'.

We need your help to bring this exciting and culturally rich project to the big screen. Your pledges will help take this story, and turn it into a film.

This short is a collaboration between Trench Entertainment and Kerbute Productions, together again after our successful first endeavor, 'The Colonel' which we premiered at this years Galway Film Fleadh.

This story was written by John Hennessy and myself (Martin Rochford) from Kerbute Productions, and John is also on board to direct. He's very excited to be working on a project that brings his life long love of Irish mythology to the big screen: 'I grew up hearing all of these spooky, magical stories from around our home place in Laois. There's just so many of them, often about real places and people we know; it's left me with an open mind and pretty active imagination. I'd love to share some of that magic with a wider audience.'

John aims to shoot the film 'back home' where he grew up in Laois. He also spoke at length about his respect and admiration for author and seanchaí, Eddie Lenihan. 'Eddies been a big inspiration to this script. The stories he's collected over the years are the real deal, authentic. They're gripping! And he delivers them like a master. He's a wizard. I'd love to get him on board with this film somehow, if we could'.

The film is being produced by Jack Kavanagh and Trench Entertainment. Lucy Jones from EDEN Digital Film Studio is back on this project as DOP, and Will Higgins is leading the Art Department.

The film will be screened privately to you, it's Fund It supporters, in Dublin; Spring 2012 (exact dates and location TBC), and we hope to submit it to the film festival circuit immediately after.

Thanks for showing an interest and taking time to read this. We hope you'll find this project exciting and intriguing enough to, not only support yourself, but also to tell your friends and colleagues about. Help spread the word!

Martin & The Team