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Galway Jazz Festival 2016, October 7-9

By Ciaran Ryan


3 days, 24 performances,12 venues and over 80 musicians. GJF16 will be treading new ground, not only in its scale, but in its breadth and ambition

Now in its 11th year, with a new format, new artistic director and incredible support from the local business community (particularly Galway’s world class food scene), GJF16 is set to blaze an Autumn trail across the city in venues from Cathedrals to Nightclubs and Michelin starred restaurants to abandoned warehouses.

We really believe there are a lot of people ready and eager to connect with jazz and improvised music. This festival is getting stronger, more inclusive, more adventurous, and reaching a much wider audience.

Described by the Irish Times as a ‘Boutique festival with a big heart and growing international credibility’ the festival has set musical boundaries that range from JS Bach to Ireland's leading Hip Hop ensemble by way of the UK’s premier female Jazz Vocalist, top ECM recording artists from England and Norway and the very best from the eclectic contemporary Irish jazz scene. Jazz is a broad church, and GJF16 hopes to fill all the pews!

Matthew Berrill takes the reins of GJF16 as artistic director. A masters graduate in Music Performance from The Royal Conservatoire in The Netherlands, Matthew has a deep working understanding of the Irish and European jazz scene, and is perfectly placed to programme a festival reflective of all that is best on the current horizon.

Matthew is a founding member of Ensemble Ériu and The Clare Memory Orchestra, as well as a regular collaborator with all the leading Irish jazz players
Ably backed by a small core team of pro bono volunteers with extensive professional experience in arts programmeing, production, design, IT and promotion, and located in what we think is the best possible city for a festival, GJF16 is determined to deliver an unforgettable weekender

We've already forged fantastic ties with the local business community, and have begged, bartered and brow-beaten our friends, relations and bank manager to help in any way they feel comfortable, but some things just can't be covered by contra...We need hard cold cash to pay for flights, buses, venues, and most importantly of all, artists' fees.

In the wise advice of one of our local supporters, 'Put on a good show and look after the artists!' And that pretty well sums it up. We're determined to programme the music in the most appropriate venues, and we're absolutely going to make sure all our artists are properly paid!

Planning is well under way for this year's festival, with great people giving freely of their time and talent to start pulling it all together. The collective experience of the festival team makes us confident that with the help from our friends here, we're in good shape to deliver big-time in October.

The rewards...
* By arrangement
** A list of lunch venues appears on our website...
*** ditto dinners!
Baritone, Alto and Soprano are ticket price bands €5, €10 +€20
All meals are via voucher - use when you choose!
Thanks! See you in Galway in October!



Less than 24 hours left...

nails bitten and everything crossed - some real movement in the last couple of days, and with this momentum, we're daring to think that we might just get there! Again, we can't really express how much we appreciate your support - we know the rewards are great, but it takes a certain type of person to make the effort to support a jazz festival when there's so much else going on. Hopefully we'll get to thank you all personally in Galway this coming October. Until then, we're pushing hard for another 16 hours...any extra assistance you can give (likes/shares/ etc) would be hugely appreciated! Team GJF16

Less than a week to go...

Hi folks, in the home stretch now, and leaving no stone unturned to get this project over the line! Thanks to everyone who's liked or shared one of our Facebook posts https://www.facebook.com/galwayjazz/ and a special thanks to all of you who've bought one of the rewards. We finish on Friday, so if you know anyone that might be interested, now would be a great time to spread the word! We finished the CD campaign today, so we'll post a full list of the CDs in the windowsticker draw tomorrow - it's quite a collection! Thanks again Best Matthew and teamgjf16

Past the halfway mark...

Thanks to everyone who's bought a reward,! We're working hard to spread the word about what we're doing, so if there's anyone you know who might be interested in helping out, we'd really appreciate you sharing! You can follow progress more closely at https://www.facebook.com/galwayjazz/ ... We've announced our first concerts, and are delighted and thrilled to be able to present The Andy Shepard Trio with Jane Brennan performing 'The Shakspeare Songs' on Saturday night, and The Christian Wallumrod Ensemble on Sunday night. Both concerts will be in The Mick Lally Theatre (our favourite venue!) More soon... Thanks again! Best Matthew and Ciaran

Week one update

Thanks to everyone who's had a look at our campaign, and a special thanks to everyone's dipped in and purchased one of the 'rewards'! Over the last week we've introduced you to the Galway restaurants who have supported us with 'lunch for two' vouchers...TGO Falafel Bar, Biteclub, Eat at Massimo, Sheridans Cheesemongers, Dough Bros and the Gourmet Tart...huge thanks to everyone! We've also had lots of fun with the CD campaign, and an updated weekly list of the albums that have been donated will be posted here over the weekend. Please please please, if there's anyone out there you know who might be able to help us out, don't hesitate to share! Best Matthew and teamGJF16 x

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