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By Peter Bodie



Filmbase and Staffordshire University have come together (in Dublin) to create a unique Masters-level course where sixteen MSc Digital Feature Film Production students collectively work on a feature-length film. The film will be directed and crewed by the group of post-graduate students with technical assistance provided by Filmbase and members of the Irish film industry.

This (as yet untitled) film is centered on several characters struggling with their reversal of circumstances in post-Tiger Dublin. The feature-length film consists of three intersecting scripts written by established film-makers.

The story concerns an unemployed executive, a Polish office cleaner, a Serbian window-cleaner, and a reformed drug dealer and the difficult choices they make in their post Celtic Tiger reality.

Everyone in this production is fully committed to reaching the highest standards possible.


My name is Peter Bodie. I am coordinating this FUNDIT project on behalf of the class. The other members are; Meraj Abid, Christopher Brennan, Mel Cannon, Fran Cassidy, Laura Way, Jen Davis, Ian Downes, Barry Doyle, Trisha Flood, Maria Hylton, Stephen McNeice, Dave McCabe, Brian Moran, Rebecca Massey and James O’Brien


The participation of the following actors is confirmed:

Mark O'Halloran (Adam and Paul, Garage)
Rory Keenan (The Guard, The Clinic)
Conor Mullen (Holby City, The Silence)


These award-winning writers are contributing their time and experience to ensure that the project reaches its goal of quality production and industry recognition.

Conor Horgan, (One Hundred Mornings, The Beholder, Deep End Dance)

Conor McDermottroe (Swansong, A Woman’s Hair)

James Fair (Watching and Waiting, The Ballad of Des and Mo)


All funds raised will go directly to the filming budget under the direct supervision of Filmbase.

We have branded our fundraising activities under “GetUsToGalway”, as one of our goals is to achieve a screening at this year’s Galway Film Fleadh.

We are all attempting to make a feature film that will showcase our talent, enthusiasm, drive, energy and passion for filmmaking. We all have something to offer as filmmakers and we want our first film to be a showcase of our commitment and creativity.

Equipment, insurance, post-production, technical supervision and mentoring support are already covered as part of the course. Collectively a cash budget of €7,000 has already been raised by the crew towards the production expenses of the film. However, we still need to raise additional funding.

The expenses are significant despite so many people donating their time and expertise. We need to raise at least an additional €3,000 to help cover our costs for catering, transport, props, wardrobe and locations. The success of our fundraising directly impacts the production values of the film. Feature films eat money!

Your kind and generous contributions are requested to ensure the success of the production - and to Get Us to Galway! Whatever you can afford is welcome and appreciated. So please contribute and spread the word and we will keep you updated.


If you require further information do not hesitate to contact us.



The LAST WORD ... Keys To The City

How Time FLIES! And so … it is time to wrap up the loose ends with a final FUNDIT update. The website is available at www.KeysToTheCity.info IMDB page is at Keys To The City on IMDB KTTC was screened at Festivals in Venice, Chicago, Budapest, Sheffield, Dublin and of course Galway. Not a bad tally for a movie that had no festival budget! KTTC is now available for streaming worldwide on Keys To The City on DISTRIFY.COM (you may need to scroll down to find the play button). Please forward the link to as many people as possible (a charge of €3.99 is payable for viewing the movie – the trailer is FREE). If you are due a FundIT reward … please advise me as soon as you can at mailto:peter.bodie@gmail.com Please get in touch if you have any thoughts or comments. Happy New Year and thanks for all the support, -pete bodie


Thanks in no small part to YOU, our generous Fundit Supporters, KEYS TO THE CITY will be premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh on Thursday, July 12th at noon. Needless to say, everyone concerned with the production is delighted to be part of this world-class film festival. http://www.galwayfilmfleadh.com/programme.php?fest=6&ct=new-irish-cinema&cid=2&t=keys-to-the-city&id=489 Further information is at http://filmireland.net/2012/06/28/msc-feature-film-keys-to-the-city-to-receive-world-premiere-at-galway-film-fleadh/ If by some happy chance you will be at the Fleadh, please come along and make yourself known. The next part of the plan is to set up a Keys To The City website … details will follow along shortly. Again THANK you all for your support and good wishes, Meraj Abid, Peter Bodie, Christopher Brennan, Mel Cannon, Fran Cassidy, Jen Davis, Ian Downes, Barry Doyle, Trisha Flood, Maria Ann Hylton, Stephen Mc, Neice, Dave McCabe, Rebecca Massey, James O’Brien & Laura Way.

Itz-a-wrap !

Who would have thought 3 weeks could flash by in such a short burst! It felt more like three minutes. Keys to the City is in the can. A rough edit assembly is being worked on and three weeks from now we should have something approaching a final edit. EVERYONE involved deserves a HUGE THANK YOU for all their hard work and support. Many people contributed in many different ways. It is quite amazing that all of this started last September when 16 people from various backgrounds and with various levels of experience first met in a room in Filmbase. Just shows you what co-operation and collaboration can achieve. Having a 30 person crew in and out of the house for the past week was ... interesting. Like the guy in the video says it was the longest party this house has ever seen ... too bad it was a working party. Now it is time to attend to the exciting stuff like figuring out what rewards are due to which of our generous Funders. This week Production Diary (compliments of Stephen) is at http://vimeo.com/40012959

Here we go ... week 3 commences

The weather has been unbelievably kind to us so we have all our fingers crossed in hopes of another mild week. For your enjoyment ... a video update on Week 2 http://vimeo.com/39486468 (the password is keystothecity)

Week 1

Apologies from dropping out of sight for a while. A software glitch prevented us from accessing the Funders contact list. Anyway, here's the link to the first production diary. http://vimeo.com/39053162 Password is keystothecity The diary for this week will be online shortly.

Winding down on Fundit ...

So, in the end we smashed right through the target. Admittedly there were a few worrisome lulls but we pulled through ... with style! Some people have commented that they are quite sad now that this wonderful GetUsToGalway campaign is winding down. Checking the progress has become part of their daily routine. Some are even concerned about withdraw symptoms. So, if you have a hankering to continue with the Fundit fun ... please consider adopting the Patsy Dick campaign (http://www.fundit.ie/project/patsy-dick). They are putting on a late surge and would appreciate your attention. Keys To The City is approaching the end of the first week of shooting and confidence is high. Thanks again !

Fantastic Response

A big resounding THANK YOU to all our Funders. All 16 of us are delighted, chuffed and honoured to have you all as part of our project. Not only have we reached our target of €3000 but we have surpassed it by €800 (and with 1 day to go). Every extra penny of support allows us to improve the quality of what will ultimately be seen on the screen. We are in Day 3 of a three week shooting schedule and everything is shaping up very well. Even the weather has been kind to us! The important matter of the Broderick Brothers Chocolate random drawing will happen right after Fundit closes and the next item on the list is to start work on the very important matter of The Rewards. Again - THANKS - we will be in touch tomorrow.


Our good friends, sponsors and supporters The Broderick Brothers (please visit their enjoyable website at http://www.brodericksbrothers.com/) will be providing some extra ‘rewards’ for our wonderful Funders. Upon the close of the campaign (which is coming up quickly), presuming we make the target … five funders will be chosen at random to receive a delicious surprise box of Broderick Brothers chocolate bars. So please mention this ‘barefaced bribe’ to your friends so they will consider becoming supporters … sure it lessens your chances of winning but in the spirit of collaborative movie-making -- perhaps they want to join in the fun. Besides, they might share their chocolate with you if they win so in a way you are doubling your chances of a chocolate feast. We’ve just passed the €2000 point so we now need to put a final push on to make the goal. Shooting starts on Monday ! So the next three weeks will be intense. Thankfully there will be lots of Broderick Brothers chocolate available to sustain us. Once again ... thanks for our support.

Its all happening ... and the name

Locations are being locked, scripts are getting a final tweaking, shooting schedules and shot lists are all being skillfully juggled. Technical recces are happening today. There is so much excitement in the air that we have had to damp down the luxury carpet in the production office due to a build up of static electricity ! And the title has been decided on ... Keys To The City.

Its all happening ...

Thanks to our wonderfully generous supporters we are almost half way towards meeting our Fundit goal. Your support is really appreciated. The activity in the Production Office is constant. The production is taking form and the excitement is building. All the little details are being ironed out. Please tell your friends about our Fundit campaign. The more support we can muster - the better the film! Thanks ag'in.

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