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By Fergus Byrne


Hi, I'm Fergus Byrne and I am curating 'Generation', a day of performance art that will take place at The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon on June 15th. I am a performance artist with a broad understanding of the discipline. This shows in the variety of my work and also in previous curation which has made connections between dance and performance art at all times. This has mostly been evident in the Transversal events organised collaboratively with the dancer and friend Deirdre Murphy. These were successful cross disciplinary performance events at Block T, Fumbally Court with Dublin Dance Festival and The Chocolate Factory.

In 2012 I had a successful residency at The Dock. I began and ended with performance and in between became very familiar with the many spaces of this former courthouse building. One outcome of this time was the invitation to curate a performance festival for 2013. 'Generation' is that festival.

Generation presents eight performances, both group and solo, over the course of June 15th. Artists presenting work are Noel Arrigan, Kaspar Aus and Patrick Hall, Chris Doris, Hilary Gilligan, James King, Deirdre Murphy, Regan O'Brien and Paul Bloof and The Performance Collective. A lot of the costs have been covered, but with so many artists, we're still short. The money raised in this Fund it campaign is essential for all of the artists to realise their work to its full potential.

I have selected artists working in the west as well as others based in Dublin, where I work myself. I am looking forward to bringing this range of artists together in Carrick-on-Shannon. The Dock is a former courthouse renovated as an arts centre in 2005. Its many rooms - three galleries and a black box space - will host performances on Saturday June 15th. Audiences can enter for free and see all or part of the daylong event. In keeping with the live qualities of performance,  further work will be made in the creation of rewards for funders.



Generation...11 hours

The last two days of this have been long. I mean, extended beyond forty eight hours. I think it's something to do with the weekend. Perhaps Fundit doesn't count sunday as a day. Well I do and i'm glad you do too. For those last contributions to this campaign, thank you. I look forward to getting on with working with the artists and generating an audience that will travel to Carrick. Then there will be the rewards, which you are all due. These may not be immediate given the nature of some of them. Others may be possible sooner. All this shall be revealed. I am in suspense.


Time is almost up. Thanks to you all who have recently pledged support. The list of names gets suitably full so that I don't necessarily see the new names instantly. I remember when i was in school there was a head brother who could name any single boy out of 900 in an assembled hall. Quite a feat (of power) and her I am scanning this list and being happily surprised by the names i see. Thank you. If in the coming days you meet a friend who tells you with a smile, 'I just found a fiver on the path', tell them, with a bigger smile, that its best use would be to fund Generation.


So an upswing in the last two days makes me think of financial reports on the news. It's not a word I use often but its the right one. Thanks to recent funders for your pledges. It feels like a solid spread of people forming in support of this. I saw Patrick Hall and Kaspar Aus last week in Sligo and there was huge advances in their work which I last saw a year ago. Kaspar's ticket is booked and it will be really good to see them follow up so soon on the work. Posters will go around the town of Carrick in May as they will in Dublin too. Hoping that people will travel to this event. And finally, Monday night should be good fun with the table quiz at the Ha'penny Inn at 9pm . As soon as I finish this i am going to begin scanning the picture round. Look out for those Italian euros. Thank you all.

Generation ...19

19 days to go and 14%. There is still time but one sure way of gaining funds is the following; A table quiz fundraiser at The Ha'penny Inn on Monday May 6th. Mayday. How appropriate. I discovered that the term in nautical parlance is derived from the phonetics of 'Venez m'aider' abbreviated to 'm'aider!' So if you are in Dublin on that day venez pour vous amuser or tell your friends about it. 5 euro per head, 4 people per table and prizes go leor. That's not a typo you just read. The etymology of galore is none other than the Irish term 'go leor' meaning abundance. I could live on etymologies alone were it not for the need of cash. So yes, hope to see you and friends at the Ha'penny inn on Monday 6th, 9pm to midnight.


Hi, Many thanks for your funding pledges to those new and old. All are vital. Last week i took a silent walk as part of fundraising for this. As it turned out nobody turned out. But each and every moment is an opportunity to make something. This site was a key location on the walk and a place I often comment upon when I pass with other people. http://www.fundit.ie/project/generation This Saturday I am going to Sligo to see Kaspar Aus and Patrick Hall perform 'Blood'. They will perform at Generation six weeks later. Time to get the word out to Sligo people about The Dock. Best wishes Fergus

Generation ...32

Campaign has begun and many thanks to those who have pledged funds to move Generation beyond the point zero; a difficult and gravity bound point. I will be visiting Carrick in a week or so to prepare ground for June. Meantime in Dublin I propose a walk - a silent walk - for eight people in Dublin city centre. It will be from 3-5 pm next Wednesday 17th. The walk will be punctuated by texts of places, underscored by the space that passes through you and physical memory will be the key element of the walk. To partake you can contact me directly by sending a message to the Generation facebook page. The walk is to raise funds and you can donate what you wish at its end.

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