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Foundation14 Arts Festival

By Claire Chaney


What is Foundation14?

Foundation14 is a non-profit Arts Festival aimed at highlighting contemporary art practices through a multidisciplinary programme of exhibitions, film screenings, poetry, theatre, music events, workshops, talks and much more!

Last year, Foundation13 Arts Festival was created in anticipation of the foundations of Tullamore Arts Centre being laid. Foundation14 offers an exciting opportunity for artists to showcase their work in a different context. The placing of art in the public realm means negotiating and engaging not only with commercial and historical architecture, but also with the public. We want to open a dialogue with the public, students and art enthusiasts about contemporary art practices to celebrate the infinite possibilities that the new arts centre will offer.

When and where?

Foundation14 is taking place in unused shop units and public spaces in Tullamore, County Offaly the 15 to the 28 September 2014.

What happened last year?

The inaugural Foundation13 held 45 events in 12 venues in Tullamore town centre and welcomed almost ten thousand visitors through its doors, including local community groups, charities, schools, colleges and scheduled bus arrivals from both Dublin and Galway. 30 local and international artists showcased their work and facilitated an extensive series of workshops and talks.

This Year?

We are busy jam packing our programme full of amazing music events, theatre nights, poetry recitals, and short and feature length film screenings! Over 50 Artists will take over the town, including the renowned Susan MacWilliams, Aideen Barry and Kevin Atherton, filling up as many vacant spaces in Tullamore as possible! The Foundation14 Educational Programme encompasses a wide variety of workshops, talks and tours. Local groups, schools, charities and national colleges, and absolutely anyone else is invited to dive into our extensive programme.

Who are we?

Foundation14 is a non-profit Arts Festival run in conjunction with Tullamore Community Arts Centre, in association with Offaly County Council, and The Arts Council of Ireland. Our curator and director, Brendan Fox, our project manager, Claire Chaney and an extensive voluntary team of artists, technicians, teachers and locals are all working endlessly to fit as much as possible into this 2 week Festival.

Why we need your help?

We are passionate about engaging the community with contemporary arts and making it an exciting experience for all! The Foundation14 team hope to give even more back to the community than last year and with your help, we can! Your support will go towards providing multiple free music, theatre and film events for all to enjoy. You will be assisting our arts education programme and you will be helping to create an open platform for artists, writers, performers, community groups, enthusiasts and schools to engage, be active or simply converse. Foundation14 will be a truly memorable experience, but all we need is a little help to put into action all that we have planned. Your contribution, however small (or big!), would be greatly appreciated...

A big thank you for your consideration from Brendan, Claire & all of the Foundation14 Team