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Flash In The Pan Collective's 'Dolores'

By Flash In The Pan


Eimear Kilmartin and Sonya O'Donoghue set up Flash In The Pan Collective from both a need to work, and the desire to put on a show! We are both trained actors based in Dublin who were between gigs at the time of Flash in the Pan Collective's inception. We decided to create the collective in order to fulfil our artistic expressions and to keep ourselves busy between other work.

Flash In The Pan Collective is not limited to just theatre and performance, it is open to all art forms. It's main aim is to provide a starting point for artists who find themselves in a similar situation to its co-founders. The vision for the collective is to become a broad platform whereby artists from all creative walks of life can create, make, express and explore themselves and their art in a safe and supportive environment.

The first project is Dolores, a one act play written by American playwright Edward Allan Baker. This heartfelt piece explores the story of two sisters and their personal struggle with domestic violence. This touring show premieres in Nun's Island Theatre, Galway on 7th - 10th September, before moving to the Camden Palace Hotel, Cork (27th September - 1st October) and the Pearse Centre, Dublin (1st - 13th November) (excluding Thursdays). Please help us with the costs of putting on this show, we only have seven days.

Thanks so much.

Eimear and Sonya



We have done it!!!

Hi all, Firstly, we would like to thank you all for supporting us and Dolores. Your response has been extraordinary and we are very grateful. We still have 3 days left which allows us to raise more than our intended target. Our director Shane is delighted as we will have more money for our set design. Rehearsals, which are taking place in both Galway and Dublin are well on the way with week one now complete. Both Dolores and Sandra are coming alive a little more each day, which is very exciting for both of us. Our producer, Laura gave us some questions to answer and as a little treat we have included some of them to help you guys get to know us and our characters a little better ahead of the show. Laura How was week 1 of rehearsals? Eimear: I feel like I have had Dolores in my back pocket for a while and it was nice to let her out. Giving her a voice and a sparring partner in Sandra felt like a relief, almost. The week got me excited about what’s to come. Laura What are the challenges of playing Sandra? Sonya She has a very different temperament to me. She’s alot more selfless! She has two children and that changes your priorities massively. I’ve never played someone with children or so close to my age before so that ‘s challenging and exciting. Laura What about Dolores are you finding difficult? Eimear Her history. When I was younger I used to give out to my parents for giving me such a happy childhood!! I mean, how was I expected to be creative when I have been so bloody happy. So yeah getting to know my past as Dolores and making this an instinctive part of me is what I have trouble with. But alas I will get there in the end. Laura What drew you to the play Dolores? Sonya I first came across it two years ago when I auditioned for the part of Sandra for another production. I was really moved by ‘Sandra’ and really curious about the play, which I found and fell in love with. Laura Whats your biggest pet-hate as an Actor? Eimear Selfishness. Whether the job is profit-share, paid, unpaid or non of the above I try to approach it as a professional and I expect others to do the same. I hope I live up to my end of the bargain. Sonya Non-commitment. Laura Whats your favourite line from the script? Eimear I love that song. Sonya This will probably change daily! But today its..’I’m afraid of losing something..just like everybody else’. Laura What’s your favorite thing about being an Actor? Eimear Everytime you start a new production you meet a new Family. Sonya Putting yourself in someone elses shoes. We will keep you posted over the coming weeks with the show's progress and we will be emailing you also soon regarding your rewards. Once again we are indebted to you for your support. We look forward to seeing you all during the tour. Much love Eimear and Sonya x

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