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Fáinne Óir - Online Broadcast

By David Agnew


About the show

Fáinne Óir. (Pronounced 'Fawn-ya-Or' meaning 'The Gold Ring' in Irish) is a contemporary Irish dance drama set in 1840s Famine times with 9 professional dancers and 6 musicians. Original score by Kathy Fahey is melodic throughout, from Irish airs of Mayo, to the New World music of East Coast America.

We have raised funding to cover scoring, rehearsals, and costumes.

We have a theatre to perform in, Claremorris Town Hall, Friday, March 26th, 2021. We need support to pay for the performance, filming, to include costs of set, lights, and sound.

Kathy Fahey, who composed the music, says Fáinne Óir is a drama that will resonate with many people around the world, particularly emigrants, those who have lost loved ones to the Famine, and those who are presently grieving the loss of family.

Ciara Sexton says her Irish barefoot contemporary movement to a brand-new score, ensures that Fáinne Óir breaks boundaries regarding any preconceived stereotypes of Irish Dance. 

Fáinne Óir is narrated by one of Ireland's most distinctive voices, Seán Keane, renowned Irish singer and musician.



Budget breakdown

  • Filming = €1,500
  • Performance fees for cast = €1,780
  • Streaming buyout for cast = €750
  • Sound = €250
  • Lighting = €200
  • Set = €500
  • Fund it 8% = €480
  • Fund it rewards production costs = €540

Total = €6,000



The team

The production team is Kathy Fahey, a Mayo-based composer, producer, conductor of orchestras and many award-winning choirs. Ciara Sexton, Irish dancer and choreographer, a multi-world champion, and star of everything from Lord of the Dance, to Riverdance and Heartbeat of Home. David Agnew, a professional musician for 40yrs, recording artist, producer, mentor, teacher, lecturer in creative development.

The band will be led by Dave McGauran, musical director, saxophonist with Riverdance, and MD of many award-winning musicals.



Safety protocols

Currently Arts activity is greatly curtailed, but even under Level 5 essential services, section 9, Information and Communication, we are allowed record, film and broadcast. We have budgeted for Covid-testing for the cast so they can remain a pod and perform as the elite artists they are.


How you can help

Some funding has been raised from Mayo County Council and several private individuals. Enough to pay for rehearsals and costumes, accommodation. We need support to pay for the performance, filming, to include costs of set, lights, and sound. There are no guarantees that we will have a ticketed audience in the theatre, due to ongoing restrictions in the current pandemic.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you if you choose to support our project.



Fáinne Óir - Online Broadcast


Good news all. We are in the final stages of our editing process. We underestimated the quantity of film we would have and the quality of what we recorded on the day gave us way too much to choose from. What was intended as a two-camera shoot became two remote cameras, a dolly and a hand-held and we are really excited about the way it's turning out, despite not realising the amount of editing time all that would take.

First things first. Rewards are already on their way out. Postcards posted, all those who requested t-shirts and supplied addresses may well have theirs by now. Some, as in piano scores, meet and greets, one-on-ones, and the ring will all be linked and posted immediately after the broadcast.

The song and shout-outs are being sent out tomorrow morning, and as an interim reward we are sending everyone a link to one of the pieces of the show, just edited. A New Beginning/City Girl features Ciara Sexton and cast, as Saoirse arrives in New York and experiences everything the city had to offer in Famine times. Call it a teaser, if you like, but I think you'll enjoy it and it will whet your appetites for the broadcast, and we hope it will be worth the wait.

We are aiming to broadcast on Friday, 21st May, and the Private YouTube link will be live and available for several days after that, to be viewed at your convenience.

In the meantime, if you have any queries, please send us an email at fainneoir2021@gmail.com the official email for this project.

Thank you again for your generosity and good-will.

Best wishes from the Fainne Oir Team

Kathy Fahey

David Agnew

Ciara Sexton.




Fáinne Óir - Online Broadcast


Just a quick update to let you know everything is going well. Rehearsals are underway, set looking good, band sounding great after yesterday's rehearsal, narration is spine-tingling, song fantastic, the dancers are all in their pod, rehearsing, and there is some extraordinary emotive movement going on in Ciara's choreography and their interpretation of the Fainne Oir story.

Filming will take place this week and a private link will be sent to you to view as soon as the edit becomes available, hopefully at the end of next week. You will have several days to access it at your convenience.

You have all been notified about your rewards from our email fainneoir2021@gmail.com We will be fulfilling those in the coming weeks. We have not received a return email from several people who have to supply a postal address for some of the rewards, t-shirts, postcards, score, etc. If you haven't received our email, can you please check your spam and junk folders in case it's there? Otherwise, please send us a quick email at the above fainneoir2021@gmail.com and we will resend. 

Best wishes


Fáinne Óir - Online Broadcast

An early 'Thank you'... Hi, on behalf of myself, Kathy Fahey and Ciara Sexton, we would like to offer our profound thanks to each and every one of you, for helping us reach our target with 10 days to go. Your kindness, generosity and good-will towards us, the show, and project has been overwhelming, and is deeply appreciated.

Obviously, we are thrilled, and are well-advanced in our plans for the film-shoot. We are expecting an announcement from the government shortly, with an update on the current level of Covid restrictions, and will then finalise our schedule for the show.

Casting and scoring are almost complete, and the song with Chloe has been written and recorded. Script is ready to be recorded for the narration by Sean Keane.

Now, with less than 6 days left of our campaign, I just have to remind you that your cards will only be debited after 1pm, Friday, 26th February, 2021. Soon after that, I shall be updating you for your rewards and an expected date for the broadcast.

Sincerest thanks again, and best wishes

David Agnew


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