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Ex-hib-IT-US 2015

By Outlandishtheatre Platform


Thank you for taking the time to look at our Fund it campaign!

Outlandishtheatre platform are Maud Hendricks (Artistic Director), Bernie O”Reilly and Morgan Cooke (Musical Director). For us theatre is a collaborative and experimental process that takes time and resources…

Our latest project – EX-hib-IT-US 2015 - was written after spending the last 2 years working with the residents of St Teresa’s Gardens, a social housing estate in Dublin 8. These residents had been promised a state of the art rebuild and were facing the demolition of their homes. We wanted to know: ‘What happens when the village you grew up in disappears?’ Our work with this community resulted in a live performance and a film that was critically acclaimed by the President.

When the project ended we were not ready to let it go. Our exclusive insight into the lives of the residents, their neighbours and the institutions involved in a Dublin social housing estate on the verge of demolition compelled us to write the songs that now form EX-hib-IT-US 2015.

With a fabulous score written by our Musical Director Morgan Cooke, EX-hib-IT-US 2015 is an opera about the social impact of urban regeneration. Opera appealed to us as the perfect way of quickly expressing complex situations, but this is unlike any opera you have seen before. The live performance will be layered with recorded elements and projections (Killian Waters) and the light and stage design (Sean McCormack) will allow the audience to view the songs as they would exhibits in a museum. This ambitious project has a cast of 7, with professionals Maud Hendricks, Bernie O’Reilly, Morgan Cooke, Dearbhla McGuinness, Phelim Drew and Shane O’Reilly performing alongside St Teresa’s Gardens resident Aine Fahy. Also on board are Craig Cox (Lighting and Projections Operator), Venetia Bowe (Costume Designer) and Sally Hasson (Producer).

EX-hib-IT-US 2015 will be performed in Filmbase in Dublin from May 14-16, and we want you to get involved! By becoming a part of our exciting project you will help get us over the final hurdle and you will receive a unique outlandishtheatre platform reward.

Thank you for taking the time to read this – we hope to see you at the show!

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