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Everything Can Be Dismantled

By Joan SD


This new work for theatre is inspired by the novel Invisible Cities by Italian author Italo Calvino, in which the narrator tells of 55 fictitious cities. A woman lives alone in a dilapidated house whose walls are closing in around her. She spends her days dreaming of Calvino’s invented cities, and trying to track down her landlord, who she suspects is controlling the walls.

The work will be led by a strong visual element, as well as playful narration and a live score by Sebastian Adams and guest musicians. The audience will be invited onstage to take the world of the performance apart and build a new one, and from within that new structure we will start a conversation. About cobwebs, construction, collectives, and the kind of Dublin we want to build. Because everything that has been built can be dismantled.

If we are successful, the money will cover the costs of:
Rehearsal Space – to allow us to create the show!
Materials to create the set
Lighting, sound and costume – while the set is the central design element, we will have some additional design costs for things like lighting gels, costumes, and renting sound equipment
Employer’s Liability Insurance
Printing costs
Transport of our set materials to the rehearsal space and to the theatre

The creative team:
Sebastian Adams – live music
Ingrid Beatriz - performer
Octavian Fitzherbert – production design
Liadain Kaminska – production design
Donncha MacCóil - performer
Joan Somers Donnelly - director

We are an interdisciplinary team of designers, makers and do-ers who have previously collaborated with each other in various combinations. Our backgrounds are in music, fine art, writing, theatre, costume and philosophy. Individually, we have made performances, compositions, workshops, sculptures, poems, sets and costumes for small theatres, bigger theatres, streets, libraries, orchestras, galleries, bridges, radio stations, journals and community halls. The show is presented by Discotheque Collective, and will premiere in Dublin in September.

The main challenge we will face is how to design something that is truly interactive and engaging for our audience. To overcome this we plan to work with test audiences in August, as we experiment with different ways to develop the participatory element of the show.

This campaign is currently our only source of funding. This is a project that explores ways to do things collectively, and we are crowdfunding because we want you to feel invested in the show. We want our contributors to expect a lot from us, to push us to make the best show we can, for them and for the rest of our audience.

That's about it, thank you so much for reading! We are really excited about this project, but it's one that cannot happen in a vacuum, so we're hugely grateful for all your support. We hope you'll choose to contribute, and come along in September to be part of it all.