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Even Droids Have Friends

By Park Pictures



Over a pint at a local Star Wars convention, two middle aged men still dressed as their lifelong heroes r2d2 and C-3PO face the moment of truth.

'Even Droids Have Friends’

This is a short film that explores what happens when a hidden truth is spoken and knocks  a childhood bond off its feet. Meet Harry and Peter, now two fully grown men but once two young awkward outsiders who forged a solid relationship over their love of Star Wars. Almost thirty four years later at a local convention one of them drops a bombshell.

In a small parochial GAA hall Harry finally admits that as 44year old single man he can no longer see himself in gold make-up and a girdle.Touring conventions as C-3PO isn’t for him anymore but he knows what is. 

This bitter sweet tale explores a childhood friendship into adulthood and what happens when one wants to trade up.


This is our most ambitious work  to date and ambition costs! So far, with self financing and support received from Dublin City Council we have made good start in funding the making of this film but we still need your support to reach our target.

We’d be thrilled, over the moon, hopping-up-and-down grateful if you can be part of this journey.

May the Fund it  be with us.


Smart Blondes Productions was set up in 2013 by Caroline Grace-Cassidy, Sarah Flood, Sorcha Furlong and Elaine Hearty. We founded the company to write and produce our own work. Our partnership with Park Pictures has spawned two very successful short films. Together our aim is to create work that is eclectic, fresh, challenging, independent and thinks outside the box.

Princess Rehab  - 5 Disney Princesses in rehab struggling with their addictions. Galway Film Fleadh 2013.

Torn - Sometimes a threesome gets Ruff. Underground Film Festival 2014, Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival 2014.

I Am Jesus - One man, One mission, One sandwich board. Galway Film Fleadh 2014, Underground Film Festival 2014, OFFline Film Festival, San Francisco Irish Film Festival 2014, Toronto Irish Film Festival 2015.

We have 28 days  to make this happen, and we really hope we can rely on all of you to be a huge part of it.For any contribution however  big or small we are extremely appreciative ... you are a supporter of independent film and for that we are truly thankful.