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Esosa's Debut Album Recording

By Esosa Ighodaro


I am really excited about this project, not just because it will be a lifelong dream finally accomplished, but on top of that, I get to hear my music realised by some of my favourite (and most talented) musicians in Ireland. I really believe in the material and the vibes we are creating through making this music.

The record aims to be an outpouring - we want to make you feel the euphoria, agony and excitement that comes with love... and sex... and life!

I have been writing poetry and songs for as long as I can remember. And I have been performing with a variety of bands across across the country, gathering different musical styles - from the raw funk of Republic of Loose, to the rich Gospel harmonies of Discovery Gospel Choir, and the classic soul of Midnight Soul to the Afro-Irish fusion of Tig Linn. Now, it feels like the time to put all these elements together to make an Esosa record.

After performing a few short sets of my own material, I was so encouraged by all the positive feedback I got, that I felt it was time to put all my effort into making a really great record that was personal to me, but relevant to all. So this is where you come in...

Funds raised through this campaign will go towards the recording, mixing, mastering, session fees, creation of artwork and reduplication of a limited number of CDs. If I am lucky enough to raise more than requested, any excess will go towards making a debut video - which would be ridiculously exciting! :-)

Our motto is simple during this recording process... "we are not looking for perfection, we just want to make magic!"

You can listen to some sample recordings

Esosa Ighodaro - vocals
Darragh O'Kelly - keys
Peter Erdei - bass
Andre Antunes - drums
Recording by Les Keye at Arad Studios, Dublin