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Eoin Coogan - Debut Album

By Eoin Coogan


"The Child's Mind and The Inner Journey" consists of 10 tracks, 8 of which I have written and 2 other songs by artists that I adore. These songs are my way of expressing my own journey up until this point - the trials and tribulations but also the breakthroughs and personal growths! I drew inspiration musically from amazing guitarists and songwriters such as Tommy Emmanuel, BB King and Eric Clapton. I wouldn't be the player I am today without their music. I also have been inspired by some of the world's most revered spiritual leaders and mystics such as Thomas Keating, Joseph Campbell and Parker J. Palmer. Their writings and insights helped me to stay grounded in life and to continue pursuing what it is I love to do. I incorporate what I have learned from them also in my songs.

If I reach my goal of €3,500 euro that money will be spent on:
-Studio Time
-Mixing and Mastering of the Album
-Promotional Costs
-Printing the CD
-Launch costs
-Design and Artwork for the Album
-CD Distribution

Until the present date, I have played guitar with many acts in pubs, clubs and stages all around Ireland and abroad. It's not too long ago however that I discovered the art of fingerstyle guitar and new ways of expressing myself. Since then I have travelled to Sicily playing many shows at all types of venues, developing my own unique style and setlist of songs. I have since written the pieces that you will hear on my debut album "The Child's Mind And The Inner Journey". They showcase the person that I am today.

Reaching my set target, will enable me to go ahead and complete the album and share my work. My first challenge is raising the funds for the album - the second challenge is putting a product out there that I am happy with!

I am crowdfunding for this project because this is a great platform for you all to:
No.1: Get full details on my project before it's release and follow the campaigns updates as it progresses
No.2: Have the opportunity to help contribute to the albums cost in return for some great reward packages!

I am planning to begin recording my album at the end of May/early June with the great Willie Headon at Poppyhill School of Recording. Willie has years upon years of experience recording and producing music for all kinds of artists. We both have a passion for the acoustic guitar in particular, so I know for sure that the final product will be absolute top-quality.

As for the official album launch, this will take place in Carlow town ( July or August 2018) in an incredible new music venue which is run by Walter Hennessy - "T-Street Live".

I would like to personally thank everyone who has contributed to my project, your support has the power to make this album happen!
I hope to bring you some new music very soon.