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Éireannach? (Irish?)

By Abel Kavanagh & Darklight



At Darklight 2011, we awarded the coveted 'Spirit of Darklight' title to the film “Laberinto Verde”, directed by Abel Kavanagh. A documentary about the coca leaf in South America, the film looks at the role the sacred leaf plays in Peruvian and Bolivian societies, past and present. It had a huge impact on us, wowing the Programmers and Awards Jury alike. View trailer here.

We are delighted to support Abel's Fund it campaign for his new project “Éireannach”, a documentary in which Abel sets out to find out about his sense of nationality, as an Irish citizen of Spanish origin living in France. We hope that you can get behind the project and lend whatever support you can.

Darklight Team: Nicky, Sinead & Sarah


As my passport and surname indicate, I am Irish. Born but not fully bred. In fact, I have lived in France since I was three and therefore speak my Irish English with a French accent.

This year, as I prepare the paperwork to obtain my French nationality, I have begun to wonder what being Irish really means to me...

This led me to explore my identity, starting with a recent trip to New York and then to my father’s house in Dublin. This quest for a deeper understanding of who I am will soon lead me on a journey from Lille, back to Ireland. From Rathfarnham and Wicklow, to the border area of Ulster, I hope this trip will help me find answers to some questions about my identity.


The documentary will be filmed in first person style, from the point of view of me, the director. I will participate in the action, ask the questions and listen to the answers.

Filming will take place between three countries:
Lille, France, where I live and file paperwork to obtain my French nationality.

New York, USA, where I spent three weeks late December 2011 shooting several sequences with Irish people at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park and several Irish Pubs

Ireland Dublin City, My father in Rathfarnham, Johnny Foxes’ Pub, to the bog where my father continues to cut turf in Wicklow and finally along the border.

I plan to use different aesthetic approaches according to the situations and places I encounter. In the phase along the border, the sequences will be shot like a diary; the NY sequences shot candidly, seen through the eye of a tourist; all other sequences will be much more contemplative and poetic.

I will play on the contrasts between the tourist clichés that are transported internationally, the contemplative poetry naturally provided by green landscapes across the country and different shades of light provided by the battles between the sun, the clouds and the rain.


Money will go towards larger costs for production of this documentary i.e travel, accommodation, equipment rental and post-production. We have great rewards to offer in return for your contribution, fully detailed below.

Thank you for taking the time to find about this project.


PS - You can keep up with Éireannach on our Facebook page