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By Ian Henderson


Outbound to wonderland  

Desolate Shores, Electric! and now OUTBOUND TO WONDERLAND. Our third album is on the way....

We started with 20 songs and picked the best 10 for the album. We didn't set out with any grand vision of what each song should sound like, we just let the songs take us where they wanted to go. The result is our most cohesive album to date. We went back using analogue synths, namely the ms20,arp odyssey, Elex string synth and the newest member of the family the microbrute.

None of the songs started in the studio. The title track Outbound to wonderland began in a subway station in Boston where Ian was on holiday. Broken Frame was a half idea that Mark brought to life while on a bus somewhere. You probably saw him singing on a dublin bus somewhere and thought he just another weirdo. Only when the structure of the songs were clear in our heads did we bring them into the studio. 

We have entered the mixing stage of the album and we are looking to raise €2500 to pay for the manufacturing and mastering of the album. We have funded everything this far oursleves but in order for us to get the music to you, which is kinda the point, we need your help to get it across the line.

There are of course rewards for your help so have a browse through the rewards section and share, post, repost, re tweet all that stuff!

Thanks a million for reading about our project and hope you find a reward that suits you so we can hit the road with the new music.

Ian & Mark





So far so good:)

Well we have finalised the details for mastering, we have issued the release date to iTunes and have been busy behind the scenes trying to put evertything in line. 22% funded so far, thanks a million to everybody so far and keep spreading the word :)

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