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Eat My Shorts Festival 2012

By Eat My Shorts


What we do

Eat My Shorts is a series of independently run, entirely free short film events. Our focus is to provide a noncompetitive platform for emerging and established filmmakers in an environment that lends itself to community and creative interaction. Since June 2010, we have held several independent screening, totally free & complete with complimentary popcorn, soda and other treats as well as guest screenings at great events like Darklight Film Festival and Castlepalooza. Aside from the showcasing of great film talent, we're all about the atmosphere and this has led to screenings in a huge country ball room, the back of a black cab and soon the top deck of a bus! The entire idea behind Eat My Shorts is to create an accessible platform, and this is where Fundit comes in.

Why Do We Need Funding?

This summer we are planning our first full day festival and we really want to push the boat out! We will be completely taking over a great space in the city centre which will give us the scope to screen a huge amount of short films. We will also be programming free workshops and talks from professionals who are making waves to educate and excite the filmmaking community!
Our events are always free. This means no admission fee and no submission fee. While that has allowed us to put on some great events, relying heavily on the goodwill and faith of others, it has also had it's drawbacks.

We already have some really top class people willing to take part and we have grand ideas for much, much more. But some things just cost money and it tends to add up! We need to be able to cover basic costs like travel, administrative costs, printing, etc. We are intent on retaining our FREE status; no entry fee, no submission fee and no tuition fees so that Eat My Shorts remains accessible to everyone but we need your help.

Who We Are
Eat My Shorts was conceived by film student Suri Grennell and graphic designer Dermot Collins. Both felt there was a lack of a space to show the results of the blood, sweat and tears that goes into independent/lo-no budget projects and so set about to right that wrong. We do this for a genuine love of doing it and have been so lucky to have such a great response to Eat My Shorts.