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By Andy Cummins


The inspirational figure of Ireland's mythological super-hero, Cú Chulainn, is the centre of DUSK, a new verse play by writer and musician Eamon Carr, which Red Iron Productions will stage in October. Directed by award-winning theatre-maker Denis Conway, Dusk will feature a cast of leading Irish actors that includes Garrett Lombard, Denis Conway and Caoimhe Mulcahy. There will be one special performance of Dusk in the GPO on October 6th prior to its week long run in The New Theatre. Pledging to this project through Fundit is the only way to ensure a ticket to the GPO performance. Funders will recieve their tickets via email a week before.

In this unique drama, influenced by Agallamh na Seanórach (Colloquy of the Elders) and the Japanese Noh tradition, the ghost of Cú Chulainn appears in conversation with a modern young woman.His Nemesis, the Morrigan, is also a character in this play.

Dusk explores a provocative correlation between Irish myth and contemporary reality as unseen influences, which lie beneath the surface of our everyday world, manifest themselves.

Andy Cummins began his theatre career with Red Kettle Theatre Company in 1995 and has worked as a freelance producer for the last five years before setting up Red Iron Productions this year.
Writer Eamon Carr is a journalist, a published poet and member of the band Horslips.
Director Denis Conway is a multiple award winning actor and director and has played leading roles for The Gate Theatre and The Abbey Theatre.
Garrett Lombard is one of Irelands foremost leading actors and most recently featured in Druid's Waiting for Godot.

Crowdfunding is a terrific way for a new company like us to get in touch with like minded people and to build support for this project The reasons are firstly to raise funds to bring this brilliant new play to life, and secondly to establish a first name basis link with those we consider to be the most important arbiters of the project, the audience. We will also apply for local authority funding.

To do this project the justice it deserves we need roughly €25k to make it to closing night. This includes artist fees. building sets, hiring venues and paying for insurance, transport and rehearsal time. This is a high quality professional production and we intend to make it the best we can. We have set a target of €5k here but we hope to exceed that.

Staging any new play in Ireland is a difficult enough task by itself when you consider how high the bar has been set by our contemporaries. The company has already set aside its time, which is no small investment, and with meaning and purpose we intend to see this project through to its best possible conclusion. With the help of like minded funders this will be a memorable theatrical experience.

We consider crowd funders to be the bravest and most dedicated of all our potential backers and we thank you for your consideration for this.



CúChulainn Awakes

Hello again Dusk supporters,

Its just over 48 hours to CúChulainn Awakes release. It will be available online worldwide for 24 hours from 8pm Irish time and you can watch it as many times as you like. Feel free to share with friends and please join the conversation during and afterwards on Twitter using the #CúChulainnAwakes hashtag and by following @rediron16. Looking forward to hearing from you all.


A champion awakens!

Dear friends,

Four years on since Dusk, and in time of crisis, the spirit of CúChulainn, the heroic champion of Irish mythology, awakens once again.

In this short drama, Eamon Carr again invokes the Ghost of CúChulainn, the powerful central character of his play DUSK. With Garrett Lombard as CúChulainn, Denis Conway as the visionary Seer and Olwen Fouéré as the Chorus, a triumvirate of exciting Irish talent breathe life into the impassioned “hunter, guardian, man of remorse.


Red Iron Productions have teamed up with The Lock Inn to bring this short drama directly to your homes at 8pm GMT +1 on Friday October 2nd. As original supporters of Dusk we wanted you to be the first to know. You can watch the drama unfold on the link below. There is no need to book a ticket, simply log on at the given time on this link to watch. This film will be available world wide for 24 hours only. 




Best regards and thank you again for your continued support.


Andy Cummins 



Dusk finishes its highly successful run and now...

Hi all, This is the last update from Fundit regarding the brilliant and successful run of Dusk. It was magic to be involved in this from day 1 and now all is left is to say a final thanks to you all for your support. For those of you who saw it then I'm sure you'll be spreading the good word, and for those who couldn't then keep an eye on the website www.redironproductions.com for news and info of Dusk coming to a town near you! Could anyone from outside Dublin who hasn't got the show programme or t-shirts rewards please use the contact form on the website and provide your address and we will post them out to you. And for people in Dublin we will email you with details of where to collect your rewards now that the show is over. Also have a look through the Facebook and twitter feeds for some wonderful photos and reviews of Dusk. It has given us all great pleasure to do this so once again we salute you! Andy.


Hi all, We had an amazing night last night in the GPO. It was great to see some of you there and we were very proud to be able to present the show to our Fundit patrons in such a fitting venue. The ghost of CúChulainn came alive for the night. Our next step in to move the show to The New Theatre on Sunday to prepare for opening on Tuesday. We will be adding the final touches to the show now including set and lighting design. We will also be taking delivery of out programmes and T-shirts before the end of the run next week for all the Funders who are waiting for these rewards. Please keep an eye on the website for further updates about the show and if anyone has any queries you can contact us directly through the website contact form. www.redironproductions.com


Hi everyone, I'm just checking in to let everyone know that we will be notifying everyone by email over the next few days of their rewards and how to collect them. Funders who are expecting tickets for the GPO will be notified tomorrow by email with details of the event. Thanks a million again for all your support. This brilliant project wouldn't be happening without you. If any of you are interested you can listen in to last nights interview with Eamon Carr and Denis Conway on last nights Arena programme on RTE Radio 1. Scroll forward to 36 mins on the programme for the interview which also includes Garrett Lombard reciting a piece from the play! http://www.rte.ie/radio1/arena/ Thanks a million everyone and see you soon. Andy.

1 day to go...

Wow, I can't express thanks enough to all you amazing people for supporting Dusk. Its been an incredibly mad journey so far. Mad that people from all over the world are getting behind this. Mad that such a brilliant team have come together on this. And mad that its all actually happening. Someday I'll be able to explain in actual words what your support means to this project but right now I can't find those words. So I'll just say this. From all of us here at Red Iron Productions, from Eamon Carr, from Denis Conway and Garrett Lombard, from Caoimhe Mulcahy and Justine Doswell and from Katie Davenport and the rest of the design team, we salute you. Keep it going.. Andy.

A quick note about tickets to GPO performance

Hi all, Just in case anyone is wondering how tickets will be arranged for the GPO performance. We will email your booking to you around a week before the performance. Once the Fundit campaign has ended Fundit will then send me the email address associated with each funder and we here at Red Iron Productions will send your booking reference to that address. Many thanks again everyone, Andy.

The final week...

Hello everyone. Again I just want to express our sincerest thanks to all you super super people for supporting us and enabling us on our Dusk odyssey. We're absolutely buzzing now. In the last few days we added the brilliant Justine Doswell to the cast to play the Morrigán. Justine is a stunning artist and we couldn't have done better in casting this part. It really is a world class line up. Katie Davenport has us in awe with her set design which she delivered this week. It creates the atmosphere required for this in abundance. Sets the scene. You know, she's a real artist. Anyway, we've hit 40% so please keep spreading the word. Every penny pledged here is going to make this show more special. Thanks again everyone, and remember to keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for updates. We recorded some video interviews with Eamon Carr and the cast yesterday that offer real insight in to this and it'll hit the social media tomorrow sometime. See you all soon. Andy.

The half way mark on our campaign

Good evening folks, and thanks a million to all of you very generous funders of Dusk. The team here at Red Iron Productions are truly humbled by your generosity. A quick update on happenings the week. We've had the production team in to the GPO to measure up and plan how we'll stage the event on the night of the 6th of October. It'll be a all guns blazing to have the place ready to welcome all our guests and supporters at 7:45. The post office itself closes at 6! Its shaping up to be a memorable event too with a red carpet welcome and a drinks reception on arrival. The show programme is being drawn up at the moment too and will have a special introduction to Cú Chulainn written by another expert in the field Dr Elaine Sisson, author of Pearse's Patriots: St Enda's and the Cult of Boyhood. This programme will surely be a collectors item in years to come and will of course be signed by Eamon Carr and the cast of the show. Artist Syd Bluett is also hard at work designing another item thats bound to become a sought after collectors item, the Dusk t-shirt. Once the show is finished everyone will then be invited to join cast, crew, author all our special guests and sponsors just across the road in The Grand Central for a private party. We'll see the night out in style there before we then go and prepare for the run in The New Theatre. So spread the word folks, tell your friends, family and colleagues what we have in store for you. It'll be a night to remember. Andy.

A busy first week for Dusk...

Dear all, We're off to a flying start thanks to you our Fundit supporters. We've already hit the 15% mark and we want to say a huge big thank you for your support. The DUSK team have been busy with design meetings and a photo shoot over the last few days. Katie Davenport, our set and costume designer has been busiest so far coming up with set and costume designs as well as making different masks for characters in the play. You can keep an eye on developments on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages. This support means a lot to the company and is going directly towards things like the set and costume for the actors. The more support we receive the better this show will become, so again thank you very much and and if you want to help more then you can encourage friends, family and colleagues to come here to Fundit and make a pledge to Dusk. And don't forget to tell them about the fantastic rewards... Andy.

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