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Dublin Youth Theatre / Six Characters...

By Dublin Youth Theatre


As artistic director of Dublin Youth Theatre, Gary Keegan is committed to creating a dynamic and exciting conversation between professional theatre makers and the youth theatre members. Over the past few years, the membership has collaborated with incredible artists including Mark O’Rowe, Desperate Optimists, Pat Kinevane, Emmet Kirwan, Rachel West, Tom Creed, Eddie Kay and Brokentalkers to name but a small few.

Taking the torch to direct a remix of Pirandello’s ‘Six Characters in Search of an Author’, director Jason Byrne (‘Phaedra’s Love’ – winner of Best Production at the IT Irish Theatre Awards), assisted by THEATREclub’s Grace Dyas and the youth theatre members, re-imagines the text – offering a fresh perspective for right here, right now.

Your money goes towards making this electrifying production happen at Project Arts Centre. Money pledged goes directly towards venue and design costs. With a cast of twenty young actors under the guidance of some of Ireland’s most exciting theatre artists, your pledge ensures that this production reaches its full potential in front of the largest possible audience. We are setting a target of €2500 –it’s an ambition rather than an end point. All money pledged will go directly to Dublin Youth Theatre’s 2011 production.

Over the past thirty years, Dublin Youth Theatre has existed as a dream space for young people. A space for development, wild expression and creative explosion – DYT’s physical embodiment, a Georgian house on Gardiner Street, has seen its fair share of drama.

In any given year at DYT we’ll have up to 100 members, aged between 14-22, on our books; with workshops and productions running throughout the year. The cost to each member per year is €80, in the hope that the cost is affordable to all. The true cost per member is in excess of €1000, and so we aim to make up the difference in fundraising, grants and donations.

Widely regarded as a centre of artistic excellence, DYT has always provided the professional arts sector with excellent practitioners as well as sending our creative minds into most other industries. Our past members stretch from Culture Ireland to The Paramedical Services of Sydney, from ‘The Wire’ to The Department of Education. It takes all sorts in DYT.

Thank You All!

From all of us at Dublin Youth Theatre.

"DYT is a vital part of the creative and theatre community of our capital city. It encourages our young people to achieve their potential as citizens and theatre makers."
- Senator Fiach Mac Conghail, Director of the Abbey Theatre

“DYT has proved itself to be an invaluable creative outlet for young people in Dublin and is a consistently exciting producer of innovative theatre by, for and about the youth of the capital.”
- Mark O’Halloran, Screenwriter & Actor

“DYT has become vital to energising the mainstream theatre culture."
- Sara Keating, Theatre Critic



"I thought; I want to be part of this.”

Neil Douglas - DYT Member & Six Characters Cast Member First let me say that I love DYT. I think it is so important and I have learned so much about myself and about art from being a member. I joined DYT in September 2008, I was in third year in school and 15. I rememeber i never really felt a connection with anyone else in my class or school. I had always had an interest in drama ‘Speech and drama’ as it was in primary school. I joined DYT after seeing their performance of “This is Still Life”, directed by Brokentalkers. I remember I had never seen anything like that. I remember it being just so cool and powerful. I thought “I want to be part of this.” I remember it was just so empowering and exciting to be around people as interesting and as vital as the members were. Four years on and DYT has given me so much. It has taught me social skills, I have taken away some of my best friends in the world. I have learned so much from theatre, about acting and art. It has given me the courage to develop my own practice and style and start my own company “The Children”. When I heard about this years big show, and who it would be directed by I jumped at the chance to audition. Jason and Grace are artists who I greatly admire. I really feel that we have created a piece of theatre that really reflects what we do in DYT and who we are. I feel it is so relevant to young people, to my peers, in Dublin today. I am so happy that I am able to be in “Six Characters in Search of an Author” and in Dublin Youth Theatre. It has given me so much, I’m glad that DYT have given me so much of these opportunities to learn about theatre. I think that it is so very important. What I have learned as part of this cast and organisation are skills that I will always take with me. In short, I feel that DYT an incredibly important organisation that I have seen touch so many people in this city, both my own peers and ex-members who now have kids themselves. I am fiercely proud to call myself a member.

They want you to see it. But they need some help...

A cast of ten young people met in DYT some weeks ago to start work on “6 Characters in Search of Author”. The classic text was set to be re-imagined, restructured and re-mixed to suit contemporary audiences and young people alike. They wanted to make something new out of something old so they crammed into the studio on 23 upper Gardiner Street and begun. They started by pushing Pirandello’s play forward... they changed their mind and stripped it back- then they ripped it up, stitched it back together- made it about themselves- discussed everybody else, argued about truth, about fiction, about representation, and inventing character. They learned how to fall on the ground and how to win at Killer Wink. There was no author. Ever. They made a show within a show inspired by a play. They want you to see it. But they need some help. There is one day left to help fund this brilliant project! Get on it! Shaun Dunne - Production Co-ordinator

"We're Living Something of a Dream"

Joseph Ryan - 17 - DYT Member Working on "Six Characters in Search of an Author" has done very well to remind me of the diverse variety of opinions and perspectives present among Dublin Youth Theatre's members. From day one, a myriad of different takes and outlooks have been shared and debated, analyzed and dissected, and, every once in a while, politely ignored. From this vibrant spectrum of ideas, we as a group - meaning the cast, Grace Dyas, and Jason Byrne - have pieced together the makings of a theatrical imbroglio that addresses the very nature of performance. Of course, that can be a lot to swallow, so amidst all this solipsistic flim-flammery, we've had more than enough time to make some good-natured observations about ourselves as people and artists, which may provide the show with just a hint of humbling self-awareness. Coming in every day, I have come to expect to discover new levels of awareness I would have never dreamed to see even the current spectacular company achieve. In this regard, we're living something of a dream; making a show about whatever personal grievances we may harbour for the stage. If I can promise anything, this how will be unlike any DYT show ever produced; by being exactly that - a DYT show.

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