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DEBUT EP by Karen Alice Dunbar

By Karen Alice Dunbar


'Marionette', is be my 4 track EP to be released early 2017. It will be my Debut E.P, and already so much of myself has been poured into this. I'm delighted to have found an amazing producer & musician to record with,Gavin Ralston at Silverwood Studios. These songs are written 100% from the heart and reflect on personal experiences, so I like to believe there is a major sense of authenticity about the project. 'Marionette', is the title track of the E.P, and the tracks are all linked together by a recurring theme of finding self belief, not being anybody's puppet or 'Marionette', & keeping faith in yourself and what you do. The E.P has influences of Folk,such as Joan Baez, Traditional Irish & alternative/indie with a hint of Country. If this project were successful, It would absolutely be the best thing that would have ever happened to me, because I really believe in the music I make & if you give this project a chance I can prove you won't forget or regret it!

I am a solo artist, but I have been very fortunate to have collaborated with some extremely talented musicians and writers over the course of my Career so far. I come from a background of Musical Theatre, Classical Piano and Choirs. It was only at the age of 19 in University when that I began to write poetry and taught myself guitar. My songs began as pop/folk/country style songs, but with the influence of different players, travel & life experience my style continues to evolve. I have a huge appreciate and love for traditional Irish Music - Incorporating traditional instruments into the recording and I have even begun to write lyrics in the Gaelic Language. I'm also massively influenced by country. 

I am a self-employed Music Teacher, and Songwriting Workshop Facilitator. But I am still paying off my student loans and I just can't do it all on my own. The E.P would never become of anything unless I happen to win the Lotto! And I've waited this long to do it, so I want to give it the time & effort it deserves.

Should my project be successful, most of the funding will go towards the recording, mixing & mastering. The remaining funds will  go towards the artwork, duplication and professional promo videos.

As an original artists there is always self-doubt first of all. It's taken me so long to release an E.P because I never felt ready. But now I am absolutely 100% confident in my sound and I know that the EP will be successful - All I need is your help!