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Danger Overhead Powerlines

By Mia Mullarkey


The Story:
Danger Overhead Powerlines is a short documentary about Teresa Treacy, an elderly spinster who defies Ireland's largest international semi-state corporation, the Electricity Supply Board, to protect the thousands of trees she planted by hand. In 2006 the ESB contacted Teresa to tell her they would erect pylons along the middle of her land, which would mean cutting down several acres of woodland. However, as the last landowner on ESB's new multi-million euro power line across Tullamore in Co. Offaly, Teresa Treacy prevents the project from completion.

For nearly 6 years she has asked the ESB to put the cables underground but they have said it is too expensive. Then in late in 2011 she was sent to prison at the age of 65 for not allowing the ESB access to her land to cut down her trees. This short documentary intimately follows Teresa's experience during and after prison, giving an inside perspective that was unexplored by the national media throughout the whole event. The film documents the public's outraged response to Teresa's plight and Teresa's journey from a quiet, shy woman to a relentless fighter.

Why you should pledge:
My name is Mia Mullarkey and I need your help to tell this story. Three good reasons for you to help us make this film are:

1. Teresa Treacy is an inspiring woman who is willing to be imprisoned again if needs be because she believes her land and trees are worth protecting,
2. ESB is about to embark on a multi-billion euro project of erecting power lines across Ireland and so it is a crucial time for a story like this to get out there,
3. The film is in the editing stage and we just need some more money to get it completed.

The film makers:
Mia Mullarkey is a new director. This is her second short documentary, her first short documentary Halls Without Walls was completed last year and received an Honourable Mention for Best Short Documentary at both the Galway Film Fleadh and the DIY Film Festival, as well as being officially selected for numerous film festivals worldwide. The producer Sinead O'Brien is an award winning documentary maker. Since her first documentary Dusk ‘til Dawn (1999), she has written and directed eight documentaries, six of which have been produced by Oscar nominated producer Noel Pearson. The director of photography Lorcan Dunne has over 10 years experience as a Camera Operator and DoP. He has shot and produced broadcast documentaries and worked on feature films, including Hugo, directed by Martin Scorsese. The editor Kevin Cunnane has Twelve years experience as a professional editor. He has worked in broadcast television for stations including RTE, TG4, Setanta Sports, and TV3, and on feature & short films funded by the Irish Film Board, Filmbase, RTE, and TG4.

Funding for this project will go towards editing, marketing, festivals, and purchasing footage from RTE and TV3. All help is really greatly appreciated.



3 Days Left, very exciting

Amazing, the campaign went from 66% to 86% in the last 3 days, the biggest jump by far. Only 3 days left and I'm very excited to see this project come to fruition. It will be a great short doc with brilliant music by my sister Anna Mullarkey about a brave woman's fight for justice. Keep spreading the word and if you've a few extra coppers you can increase your donation by clicking on fundit and retyping your amount e.g. if you gave €20 you delete that and type €30 (I'll stop annoying you all in 3 days). A huge thanks for all the kindness you have shown. Mia

One Week Left

The fundit campaign is at 66% which is great. There's only a week left so I have to give it a big push now to reach 100%. I'm really grateful to all of you for your help and if you could join me in the final leg of the campaign by sharing the link that would be brilliant. Warm regards, Mia

You are Ambassadors

Hi, thanks so much for your kind donations. I really appreciate it and am very excited about completing this film and sharing it with you and the world. If you can keep spreading the word on the funding campaign and try to get a friend or two to contribute what they can that would be brilliant. Keep your eyes peeled for more press releases. Kind regards, Mia

Newspaper articles

http://www.offalyindependent.ie/news/roundup/articles/2012/10/15/4012720-documentary-to-revisit-teresa-treacy-story-br/ http://www.offalyexpress.ie/news/local/documentary-on-jail-experience-of-tullamore-s-teresa-1-4364405

We are getting there

Thanks to everyone so far for your kind donations. If you know anyone else who would be interested in Teresa's story and seeing the film reach fruition then please share this page with them. Kind regards, Mia

Teresa still fighting

I went to Tullamore to see Teresa today. She's in good form, still fighting. It's hard to say how long this battle might go on for but she's strong and relentless. Keep spreading the word about the film so I can raise the money to tell her story.

Phone call to Teresa

I phoned Teresa Treacy this morning. She's in good form and enjoying the peace and quietness she's had in the last few months. Her lawyer is still battling on her behalf with the ESB but she didn't want to disclose any information. She said she's really looking forward to seeing the film.

Off to a Good Start

Thanks everyone so far for your kind contributions. I'm really grateful for your generosity. Don't forget to share the link to this fundit page and help spread the word. Mia

Day 1 of the fundit campaign

I'm very excited about my fundit project going live. Danger Overhead Powerlines is a really strong story and I'm so grateful to everyone who helps this story get out into the world. Mia

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