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Cycling in Dublin Summer 2013

By Cian Ginty


Cyclists now account for nearly 8% of Dublin City commuters… Can the city normalise cycling? Can County Dublin catch up? Are cycle lane standards improving? Can you please help fund a newspaper which will cover these issues?

Following from a successful first newspaper for Bike Week 2012, I’m again looking to merge my passion for cycling with my journalistic side of reporting, photojournalism and news design (newspaper design) to produce a publication examining issues affecting cycling today and looking in detail at the debate on the future of cycling in Dublin.

The newspaper will only be published if the target is reached, so I need your help to offer this newspaper for free to as many people as possible around Dublin for Bike Week 2013 (June 15-23).

Focused on feature articles exploring cycling in Dublin, and also including news stories, the paper will attempt to cover issues such as:

– Can Dutch-style cycle paths work on Dublin’s quays?
– Greenways and on-road cycle routes: Is there progress?
– On-bike storage: Panniers, baskets, racks, bags
– Guide to rules, safety, riding in the wet, and locking your bike
– Children on board: Options for transporting children on bikes
– Do 30km/h speed limits work? Has Dublin’s?

It is planned to have a print run of 10,000 copies and a size of 28 pages.

The costs for the project includes printing the paper, interviewing people, writing articles, taking and sourcing photographs, putting everything together, the bell and t-shirt rewards, posting rewards, and distributing the final product. The increase in cost from the last time is based on starting at 10,000 copies (rather than half that last time) and on the experience of producing the first newspaper.

Suggestions or questions about content, distribution, or anything related to the project are welcome from everybody. You can email ideas@cyclingindublin.com or tweet @cyclingindublin.

Thank you for any help and support you can give,

Cian Ginty