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Cycling in Dublin newspaper

By Cian Ginty


Cycling in Dublin is once-off newspaper dealing with the issues facing cycling and its promotion in Dublin today and into the future.

As a freelance journalist who has written quite a bit about cycling, it is hard not to notice the growing numbers of people in Dublin getting around on bicycles. With this project, I'm trying to merge my passion for cycling with my journalistic side of reporting, photojournalism and news design (newspaper design) to produce a publication examining issues affecting cycling today and looking in detail at the debate on the future of cycling in Dublin.

I want to include a diverse set of voices – from the experts to people who cycle as their means of getting round, or just for fun, and also those who don’t cycle but would maybe like to.

The newspaper will only be published if the target is reached, so I need your help to offer this newspaper for free to as many people as possible around Dublin for Bike Week 2012, to be held June 16 to 24.

It’s an interesting time for cycling in Ireland, and especially in Dublin, where there has been a 45% increase in the amount of cyclists entering the city centre in the last five years since 2006.

Focused on feature articles exploring cycling in Dublin, the paper would attempt to cover issues such as:

– ‘My cycle’: short interviews and photographs of a wide range of Dublin cyclists, asking them about their journeys and why they cycle
– The future of cycling in Dublin
– Is a minimum passing distance needed?
– How against-flow lanes on one-way streets could change cycling
– The Irish bad weather myth (at least for Dublin)
– Cycling cities: A look at established and upcoming cycling cities
– Children on board: Transporting children on bikes
– Beginners guide: From choosing a bike to the basic extras
– On-bike storage: Panniers, racks, baskets, bags
– Cargo bikes as a car or second car replacement
– Gender gap issue
– Is it important how cycling is marketed?
– Locks, locking bikes correctly, recording details, bike registration
– Is cycling safe: The stats for Dublin would seem to suggest, yes, but can more be done to make it more attractive to everybody?

The costs for the project include printing the paper, but also interviewing people, writing the articles, taking and sourcing photographs, designing the publication, putting everything together, and distributing the final product.

The target is a minimum of 5,000 copies, but once the project funding target is exceeded every extra €90 will increase the print run by 1,000 copies (up to an extra 5,000 copies).

Suggestions are welcome from everybody, from what issues to cover or how to cover them. You can email ideas@cyclingindublin.com with your suggestions.

Thank you for any help and support you can give,

Cian Ginty



Cycling in Dublin Summer 2013

Hello, Thanks to anybody go gave feedback. The long potential story list can be viewed here: http://cyclingindublin.com/2013/04/22/in-print-potential-story-list/ The new project has less than two weeks to go on fundit.ie, here: http://www.fundit.ie/project/cycling-in-dublin-summer-2013 Thanks, Cian

Second edition of Cycling in Dublin

Hello, If I can get it funded, I'm producing a second Cycling in Dublin newspaper covering commuting and utility cycling for Bike Week 2013. I'm looking for input on the following or on anything you can think of... -- Is there anything which you think it should cover? -- Did you have any problems or issues with the first edition? -- Is there anywhere you'd like to see it stocked that it was not last time? The new fundit.ie page is: http://www.fundit.ie/project/cycling-in-dublin-summer-2013 Any feedback or help would be much appreciated! Regards, Cian cian.ginty@gmail.com http://cyclingindublin.com/ https://twitter.com/#!/cyclingindublin http://www.facebook.com/cyclingindublin

Download the paper or link to articles

Hello, Just a quick note that all of the Cycling in Dublin is all up online as individual articles and as a PDF, here: http://cyclingindublin.com/in-print/ You can download the paper or link to the articles. Thanks again, Cian cian.ginty@gmail.com http://cyclingindublin.com/ https://twitter.com/#!/cyclingindublin http://www.facebook.com/cyclingindublin

Your newspaper is printing

Hello all, Cycling in Dublin is with our printers now and will be ready for the start of Bike Week this weekend. For supporters who are due a copy of the paper and/or a t-shirt, the aim is to send your reward out before the last post on Friday at the latest. If you have any questions please let me know -- cian.ginty@gmail.com Thank you again for your support! Cian http://cyclingindublin.com/ https://twitter.com/#!/cyclingindublin http://www.facebook.com/cyclingindublin

Nearly there...

It's been a busy few weeks and it's going to be a busy weekend. Gearing up to send the newspaper to the printers on Wednesday morning, and hopefully sending early editions to supporters before the last post on Friday. For supporters who are due to get t-shirts we should be sending them with your paper. Remember you can also follow Cycling in Dublin on Twitter and Facebook: https://twitter.com/#!/cyclingindublin http://www.facebook.com/cyclingindublin

115% funded!

Cycling in Dublin is now 115% funded -- a big thank you to everybody for your support! The secondary target has been reached and 10,000 copies of the paper are now due to be printed for Bike Week (June 16 to 24). The aim will be to have your rewards sent out so they should arrive by the start of that week. There's now a good deal of work ahead on putting the paper together, but any questions, tips, and suggestions are still welcome to ideas@cyclingindublin.com. Thank you again for your support, which is very much appreciated! Cian

Thank you for your support! It's nearly there!

Thank you to everybody who has helped with funding! With just under two weeks to go, the project is nearly 80% funded. For every €90 after the target is exceeded, the amount of copies will be increased by 1,000 copies, up to a max of 10,000 copies -- thanks to all of you, this upper target is now looking possible. The response from individuals has been nothing short of fantastic. Also a big thanks to the Dublin and Cork car sharing company GoCar who have become title sponsor. If you have any questions or suggestions on anything from content to distribution please get in contact at ideas@cyclingindublin.com Thank you, Cian

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