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Cycle Chic Fashion Show

By Cork Cycling Festival


With all work on this show being done on a voluntary basis our needs are modest, but we need your help to make it happen!

Cork´s first-ever outdoor cycling fashion show, Cycle Chic will take place late on a Saturday night to maximise the impact of high-visibility accessories and our unique Cyglo tyres. But more of that later!

This show was conceived by Belfast Rain artist Joanna Karolini, whose ingenious and stylish up-cycled Rain Skirts are as eye-catching as they are effective. Rain Skirts are each uniquely hand-picked, hand-cut and hand-made; all from colourful and quality tents.

The show will be produced by Carol Doyle of ethical online fashion store Belletik.com with a team of hardworking volunteers. Carol is cherry picking the best of bike-friendly designs from fashion designers and specialist boutiques, to inspire the fashion-conscious cyclist and outdoor enthusiast alike.

Bikes will, of course, be centre stage and some of the most beautiful machines available will be modelled for late night revellers in the city centre. Our aim will be to expose cycling as the hippest and most intelligent form of transport there is.

Festival exclusive - Cyglo tyres on show!

The ultimate in bike lighting, Cyglo Tyre is a unique, patented invention designed to revolutionise cycling safety. We are thrilled that Cyglo have created a pair of tyres just for Cork Cycling Festival!

Cyglo Tyres have LED lights embedded directly into the tire tread where they are powered by the motion of the wheel itself. No batteries to change and no chance of them being nicked as long as you lock your bike securely! Motion sensors mean they can turn on automatically, creating a stunning ring of light as you move. With the flash setting even the most absent-minded drivers will see you on the road.

Be the first in Ireland to see this amazing invention before they are available on the market. Our unique set of tyres will be on show at the Cycle Chic fashion show.

We will have an exclusive invitation-only opening of the Fashion Headquarters where clothes and cycling accessories will be on sale and Joanna Karolini will hold free Hi-Vis workshops.
With many items being unique once-offs, partygoers will have first choice of everything.

Cycle Chic is just one event in our packed programme of free events.

Cork Cycling Festival 2011 is a celebration of bicycle culture in Cork city and county and will feature a series of fun events from Saturday 16th to Sunday 24th of July 2011.

It is run by a group of bike enthusiasts who want to share the freedom of cycling in Cork. Our motivation is to encourage people to try life on two wheels and promote Cork as a great place to cycle.

Cycling is fast, trendy, planet-friendly, and healthy – it’s a hobby, a sport and the most efficient form of transport ever invented.