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Cora, Leah and I

By BridgeTalk Theatre


BridgeTalk Theatre are a theatre company based in Dublin. Consisting of director and designer duo Laura Bowler and Dara Hoban, the company focuses on new Irish writing and the untold narrative.

The team for our first show, Cora, Leah and I, consists of three Rough Magic Seed artists, two Lir MFA Graduates and two professional employee of a large Dublin theatre. The team is experienced and has worked together to realize this project for over a year. All members of the team are experienced theatre makers who are used to working on tight budgets and producing results in short time frames.

The company was formed 2 years ago and has been running workshops, development sessions and collaborating with Ellen Flynn in the development of Cora, Leah and I for over a year now.

Cora Leah and I is a modern take on a Irish kitchen sink drama. Dark, comic, ambiguous and full of taboo and allusions it feels like a play you might know however what makes this story different is its exploration of tradition tropes and motifs using modern methods. 
The play has two focal points, the play itself and the live feed embedded within the play. From the POV of the characters the audience will be invited to look at the world from a closer and more subjective angle, giving insight to the character and the world that they would have otherwise lacked. This framing provides a small nod to the modern issue of putting a lens between the self and the real while really focusing on what it is that is being documented. The lives or lack thereof that are being recorded are what we are questioning and this dual focal point gives the audience multiple access points to the the text and to each character. 

BridgeTalk theatre has no other funding source. The venue rental has come out of the company's members own pocket as are all costs so far. Crowd funding would allow us to access the support that we know people would like to offer us as we have worked with many people over the years, have supported others funding and have many friends and family ready to donate in order to make this piece.

Costume - 150 euro
Set/Av - 350 euro
rehearsal space - 540
Poster/Flyers/Programe - 300
Lights - 150
total - 1490

Any additional money raised will be used to recoup money on venue Hire in the hope of increasing the profit share pay out for the actors and hired crew/designers.

The main risk involved is getting the audience attendance high enough during our two week run to cover the venue rental. We have hired an experienced producer who's marketing and publicity skills will hopefully combat this risk and ensure a high audience turn out.

BridgeTalk Theatre and all those involved in the creating of Cora Leah and I want to sincerely thank anyone who has donated to support this show.