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Colin Deady - New EP

By Colin Deady


Hello & thanks for coming this far. Since the release of my debut album Out of The Blue in 2015, I have been writing and crafting new songs, chasing new ideas & following the slender threads of creativity. These new songs are a departure from what I've done in the past, in that I am more at ease now with my guitar and vocal and less reliant on big production. I am now drawing on my 20 years experience as a guitarist and my own humble voice to deliver the goods !


I hope to raise funds for the following...

1. Recording Time
2. Mixing & Mastering
3. Paying session musicians
4. CD Duplication
5. PR Campaign

6. Fund it commission fees


My last album was self funded, I played drums,bass, guitars, and all the vocals etc. I've learned a lot since then about my own strenghts and limitations and excited now about working with some great musicians for this recording. We are currently rehearsing the songs in a kitchen in east Cork !

The challenge I face now is to bring awareness to this project. I know you are out there, and that many of you would agree this is a worthwhile project. My challenge now is to reach you and let you know this is happening !

I'm a professional musician and I have made my living by playing gigs in bars and hotels around the country for the last 10 years, this is where I overcame my fear of performing. Although I have struggled with this at times, it has done me a great service in teaching me an important part of my craft. I see this campaign now as a way of bringing awareness to my own music and creativity, a spark to ignite the flame of my own life own long dream - a point of departure from playing other peoples music for a living, to becomimg the fulltime creator and caretaker of my own music and songs. To do what I love, to travel with it, to do the work that I came here to do and to share it with you.

A heartfelt thank you for taking the time to check out what I'm working on here and what I have to offer. I hope the music reaches you across the airwaves in the near future and maybe we will meet somewhere along the road.

All the best,





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