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Coast to Coast

By Siún O Connor


This is a film following a handful of friends traversing the country on an off-road adventure from coast to coast. The team consists of me... and the friendly walkers. Each individual is engaging and outgoing. Headed up by a seasoned walker, my friend Munich has walked across Ireland twice before and can show the rest of us the ropes. A vibrant character with a thirst for all things social and historical. 

We begin our journey at the mouth of the Boyne in Mornington on Ireland's Ancient East, and follow the river for fours days nearly to its source before meeting the Grand canal at Edenderry. We continue on to cross the Shannon at Portumna before entering the West. Travelling through southern Galway we'll take in Gort and Lough Graney (Clare) before we've to negotiate the Burren. The big reveal and what we'll be gearing up for will be catching sight of the Atlantic ocean and nearing our destination at the magical Cliffs of Moher.

I love working with others in bringing a project to fruition but this time I've decided to work solo shouldering all of the responsibility. I need equipment to film and edit the piece plus funds to pay for fuel, insurance and accommodation. I've chosen crowdfunding as a means to raise capital as I think it's an excellent opportunity for me to give something back to those who are kind enough to get involved and support the project.

The film will screen in the Lighthouse Cinema in September before a festival run so the possibilities are endless as to where this might lead.

Implementing the 'two car trick', I will need fuel for up to four journeys a day during the 12 day shoot. Accommodation, insurance, filming fees, food, emergency transport (just in case) and equipment repair plus camera, lightweight stabaliser, GoPro, weather resistant equipment cover and radio mics.

I'm apprehensive about off-road walking (negotiating hedges and ditches), filming and recording sound solely. I'm fit but this is a huge challenge. I'm currently recceing routes testing my limitations.
I'm also aware that shooting hours of footage of people walking may be of interest to me but may not be of interest to everyone. Being selective in what I'm capturing will be a constant concern.

Thank you kindly for taking the time and showing an interest in my endeavour.



I have a date

I dreamt the other night that I was making Coast to Coast II and all of my equipment was dissolving in the rain. 

I have had the 9th of Dec held close to my chest for over a week while I waited for confirmation from the cinema programmers. Projectionists, overtime and French Film festivals are just some of the ugly obstacles one must negotiate it seems. But we're out the other side everyone. It's official. 

Coast to Coast will screen Dec 9th at 12noon at the IFI.

Keep an eye on your inbox for a mail regarding your rewards.  

When you see me again I may be a little altered. This has been an amazing experience to say the v least.

Time to dissolve.

So many thanks,

Siún o x

Paul McKenna was right

Paul McKenna* was right. He really does have a gift. I met him back in April and he asked me had I bitten off more than I could chew. I thought he was way off, his talents needing a good finetuning and I were affronted if I tell you the god's honest truth. But it turns out he was bang on the Paul McKenna money. I had bitten off more than I could carry in a napsack for crying out loud. I wasn't able to write a blog. Not in the slightest. And I'm not ashamed to say it. I did manage to cobble something together about day one https://siunoconnor.com/blog/2017/5/23/day-1-mornington-stackallen somewhere along the line and I did manage to obssess about not writing any more entries for the duration but I didn't manage to stick to my word I'm afraid. All you wonderful funders, I apologise. It was simply too much. I have just received my iMac to my front door which has jolted me from my stupor. Beyond excited. I have no obstacles now. I have all I need. I hadn't been able to watch any of my footage as I didn't have a machine that was powerful enough. I also underbudgeted for post equipment which is why I'm only meeting Mac now. But he is really v shiny and everything else seems to pale into insignificance. I can make my film now. Let's go. * Not the REAL Paul McKenna but Paul McKenna from LMFM, my local radio station. ** I've been watching a lot of Northern English tellay. Best to read the above in an accent. *** Proper blog coming v soon.

Two weeks out

I'm not even sure where I picked that expression up. It means two weeks to go and that's what I should really call this update. Why haven't I amended the title and deleted this ramble I hear you cry. Just building that fascination. I'm pretty red in the face that this is my first update to all of you wonderful people. I've been 'writing' a 'blog' a bit but it only occurred to me that some of you would have no idea as you're wise and not living through social media. I simply hounded ye for cash and fell off the face of the earth. I can assure you that I am not THAT rude. You can catch up at siunoconnor.com if you are so inclined but I'll also try post here more regularly from now on to save you a few tippedy tappedies and a click or two. I'm up, down and around excited as I had a breakthrough with my new camera yesterday. I had been avoiding using it since I bought it last Friday. When I first picked it up I couldn't manually focus right away. He was in his box in the hall for 5 whole days after that. Not the most solid approach granted, but I pushed through and I got some luscious shots down by the Boyne. Near salivating. My Panasonic AG DVX200 is pure dreamy. And I have all of you to thank for this. We made a tiny amendment to our itineray at a meeting the other eve. We were concerned about one of the days being a little too long and arduous so we've spread a few kilometres about. Instead of walking from Mornington to Slane on the first day we're stretching it to Stackallen. That's 31k on day one. I'm laughing heartily. It's all v real now. I'm pleased I'll sleep in my own cot this night. I just mightn't get out of it the following morning. I'm meeting with the v kind Colin from Film Equipment Hire next week to talk all things easy rig and tripod. A literal gearing up. This morning I'm still researching camera bags and accessories to make things more bearable. I've ordered my mic, cards and harddrive which I hope to pick up early next week. It's coming together slowly. Fierce exciting. Feeling most fortunate. Thank you.

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