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Claudia Schwab: Attic Mornings

By Claudia Schwab



In April 2014 I released my debut solo album "Amber Sands": a collection of songs and tunes that bring together the folk art of yodelling practiced in my native Austria, with elements of Irish and Swedish traditional music, as well as Indian Classical music.

Two and a half years later I'm delighted to be able to announce that we are nearly finished recording the second album, "Attic Mornings"!

The recordings, still being added to at the very moment, are all (except for one tune) original compositions by me, though are significantly shaped & influenced by all the musicians that are on this record: Stefan Hedborg features on percussion and vocals, Marti Taern on electric bass, piano and vocals. Hannah James takes care of foot percussion, accordion, some backing vocals and yodelling. Brian McDonagh features on mandola, brothers, sisters and friends from Austria appear as guest yodellers. Irene Buckley made some haunting electronics, Seamie O'Dowd will join us in the studio next week (and then let's see what happens next !!)


It was on a rainy day in November 2015, when myself, Stefan Hedborg and Marti Taern decided to step into Brian McDonagh's studio overlooking Dooney Rocks in Sligo.
We were on our third Irish tour together then: I had invited them over to play with me for the CD release tour of "Amber Sands" in 2014.
The tour was soon followed by concerts in Austria, Estonia, Ireland, Germany, Slovenia and Sweden,where we performed the program both in trio formation and occasionally in its original form as a solo act.
Through our many performances together we built up a new repertoire, which forms the core of the new CD.
Also featured on most tracks of the record is our newest band member Hannah James, who we had our first gig together in Bristol last month. Am also delighted to have siblings, friends & local musicians from Sligo involved in the project :-)

In order to make an album as an independent artist and assist me with some of the significant costs this includes, I am offering a pre-sale - together with other rewards - through this fund it campaign.

The funds raised will go towards the remaining studio days in Sligo, mastering and CD pressing.

I love making records and it forms a substantial part of my life as a performing musician.
I couldn't do this on my own however!! The support and encouragement I have received from my friends, family and community of listeners for the last couple of years is invaluable.

Thank you for helping to make this second solo album a reality :-)

*Note: full album can be picked up at Irish release tour February 2017, or will be posted to you
** The special edition of "Attic Mornings" (EP) on vinyl will be posted to you shortly after its official release date on October 21st