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L’Art du Chocolat - Chocolate Bar

By L'Art Du Chocolat


Our Project :

With your help, we would like you to be part of our project and open the first Chocolate Bar in Ireland, to create a place for people to come and learn about chocolate and fine French pastry as well as to taste and enjoy high quality original creation, a place where the hot chocolate will be honoured and the possibility of private classes to gain more skill in new style baking such as chocolate sculpture.

The Facts of Education :

There is an interest and desire in Ireland to learn about and enjoy Artisan food from producers you can trust. With a premise to welcome clients and customers, L'Art du Chocolat can share the production process and educate how to spot and choose good quality chocolates. The magic with the chocolate bar is to build a kitchen with big plexiglass windows so people can see us making on the spot.

Our Experience :

We has been on the market for three years now, building up a good reputation in chocolate and fine pastry making. Born in Bayonne, the chocolate capital of France situated in the Basque country, we both have learnt and gained skill in reputed places, Cyril as a Chocolatier and Nicolas as a chef.

The Quality :

Working with Valrhona Chocolate, we have established a professional relationship with the brand and now are ambassadors in Ireland for Valrhona Chocolate.

Valrhona Chocolate is known as one of the best quality you can find on the market, the 3 days cooking process of the cocoa beans ensure the unique flavour and the smooth effect of the chocolate, which makes it an exceptional experience for those who taste it.

We are Crowdfunding :

We are crowdfunding so we can buy specific equipment for the making and consevation of chocolate that we cannot get normally due to our short budget. 

Also, if we get a higher amount than our target, we will use this money to expand our business.

  1. 2000 euros will be used to buy our guitar (cutting device for Chocolate ganache)
  2. 2500 euros will be used for a specific hot cupboard (to keep the chocolate hot ready to tempering)
  3. 4000 euros will be used for a specific fridge showcase for chocolate, with control of hydro-metric and specific temperature for a better conservation. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read our project, to contribute and to continue to support us so we can still share our passion for chocolate and pastry.