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Cause & Effect

By Will St Leger


Cause & Effect is a participation art exhibition by Will St Leger, which is exclusive to fundit.ie funders only.

I'm producing four large, jigsaw like works made up of 25 separate pieces. As a funder you will automatically own one of these pieces of work. However will you break up the larger artwork by taking your own piece or will you share it with the other 24 owners?

Each person's name is attached to each piece, so everyone's choice to keep or share is open for all to see. Decisions, dilemma, cause and effect.

Important. The show is limited to 100 people only, if you decide to keep your art you must attend show opening, otherwise you relinquish ownership to the collective owners.



Half way there

Hi all, A huge thanks to those of you that have already funded my new show 'Cause & Effect' - It promises to be as ground breaking as all the other participant based shows I done in the past. Remember this show is a one off, unique event. If you can spare the time, tell your friends about it and help me create something memorial for you. thank you, Will St Leger

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