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By Jennifer Killelea


Light years away from their extinct planet, a crew of Hibernonauts searches patiently for a new world to inhabit. Things aren’t going so well. The air’s running out. There’s not a lot of water. And the only food left tastes like chalk. In fact, it is chalk. Join the crew of Sunflower Estates Six as they struggle to keep the inevitable at bay. Take part in the mythic rituals of suburbia a trillion miles from Earth, where the perils of telemarketers persist, the hardware store is always closed for lunch, and the postman still only rings once.

Are you a sci-fi nerd who loves theatre? Do you spend your spare time reading both Irish Theatre Magazine and Scientific American? Do you crave high art, but also harbour a deep desire to play in a zero gravity ping-pong championship on the International Space Station? It’s okay. We understand. And we’re making this show for you.

But we need some help. In order to stage BYPASS, we need your support. Please take a moment to look at some of the rewards we have on offer and help our production get on its feet. Everyone involved in our mission is working on a profit-share basis, but the cost of intergalactic travel adds up quickly when you factor in venue rental, insurance, lighting hire, technical costs, and projection equipment, not to mention all of the freeze-dried ice cream our intrepid Hibernonauts will consume. Have you seen the cost of space suits these days? Shocking! Our goal is to raise €3000, which will form the majority of our project’s budget.

If you can, please help us fund this fantastic show for people with highbrow ambitions and lowbrow tastes. Come on in. The simulated atmosphere is fine.



Absolut Fringe Launch

All at Painted Filly Theatre have been unbelievably busy over the last few weeks. We've found a fabulous cast, had a brilliant week of workshops, and one of our directors welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world - it's been all go! We'd like to thank all of the donors who have funded our show so far, and we hope that you#re looking forward to your rewards. Last night, Bypass officially launched as part of the 2012 Absolut Fringe Festival - very exciting stuff. You can book for the show and check out the rest of the brilliant program by visiting www.fringefest.com In addition, you can check out the first video blog from Sunflower Estates 6 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K74WuVa2qwU&feature=plcp We still have more than a week of our campaign to go, and a lot of ground to cover, so please feel free to share more information about Bypass with anyone who might be interested.

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