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Bring King Henry back to life in Ireland

By Charleville Castle


Our story begins when in 1970, Canadian, Graham Gordon climbed through the window of a derelict castle in Ireland, this Castle.

The floors were strewn with debris, rotting furniture and broken glass -- a seat of power now long forgotten and lost in a deep primordial oak wood in the middle of Ireland. Light was streaming in through a broken shutter, casting rays across a giant room of intricate ornate design. There towering over Gordon hung a giant 10 foot by 20 foot grimy gilt frame encasing a gutted dark leather-like material. Gordon having felt sympathy for the falling heap of a castle instantly became determined to save this giant painting. The owner gladly sold the painting to Gordon and the painting was carted off on the back of the tractor never to be seen again. Or so we thought?

There has always been the story of the missing painting -- and sketch of it on the wall was discovered many years back -- we searched and searched ... In January of this year it suddenly reappeared fully restored at the Beaverbrook Museum in Canada. This is when we became determined to return an exact reproduction of this great painting to Charleville castle.

In Phase 1 we got permission from the owner. Phase two was the most challenging and we decided that if we could succeed with this phase we could seek funding to complete the return of King Henry to Charleville Castle. We were lucky when we found Arthur. Arthur had honed his skills in Poland before taking on this project to prove his high capability. Since then the reproduction has been completed and the canvas is rolled away - awaiting funding to complete the last phase -- this involves the stretching of the canvas 20 foot by 10 foot in the great Dining Room of the castle and it's mounting in a gilt frame on the wall where it had hung before for many , many years.

This project which once seemed impossible to achieve is now within our reach. The €4,000 we need will cover the final recreation of the painting measuring 10ft x 20ft across. This includes:
* The printing of the replica of King Henry 8th at the baptism of the future Queen Elizabeth 1st
* The construction of a fitting frame, similar to the original frame.
* The stretching of the huge canvas and mounting of it within this frame.

We sincerely thank you for considering supporting our cause! With your help it will be open to the public.



A New incentive?

COMPETITION TIME! Show Your Support and earn a mighty treat!! Dear Friends, Our friends in Gallagher's Boxty House, Temple Bar have been very generous to Charleville Castle. Everyone who donates towards Peters Painting will get their name into a hat to win a prize of a three course meal for 4 including wine and the best Irish Coffee's to be found anywhere in Ireland! Simply support the cause and you are in with a shout!! BUT!!! If we don't raise the €4,000 needed for the project, the competition, just like the fundraising campaign will be off. It's an all or nothing campaign but who knows? You could get lucky!!! Please Spread the competition with your friends!! Raibh míle maith agat 1 Prize 1 Fund 1 Castle

Please continue to promote our cause friends!!

We only have 15 days left in this all or nothing campaign friends. Either we raise the €4,000 to replicate this masterpiece or we get nothing. We really need your help in supporting our project so please, pledge your support and see if you can get friends to support us too!! Thanks so much!!

20% There Friends...

We have reached 20% in our quest to raise the funds to restore Peters painting! Please keep promoting the project. Thanks so much!

The Article broadcast on RTÉ News today!


Our plea on National TV

Check out our quest on RTÉ News at one. All help is greatly appreciated! http://www.rte.ie/news/av/2012/0709/1news.html#

Why help?

Yes, the English held sway over Ireland for a long time - our histories were intertwined. In the North the bitterness is just now subsiding after so long - the lesson learned is to recognise our history for what it is - accept that we are made from the past, the present and the future - in particular great things were done - we owe it to the generations ahead ahead to keep alive those great achievements so that they can build on them.

An update from Dudley Stewart

Hello, We are completing an exciting new project here at Charleville Castle and hope that you might want to help. This is our first time using Crowd Funding - where lots of little contributions make up the whole. We have obtained the right to reconstruct a huge masterpiece painting of Henry 8th (6m by 3m) and hang it back where it was for over 200 years in the Dining Room - The canvas is now ready and we need to build the huge frame in the room itself and then stretch the canvas onto it. Everyone who contributes will get a littele reward - a little piece of this massive project. Hopefully you can join us with a small contribution Thanks a mill Dudley Charleville Castle Heritage Trust

1% there!!

Hello friends. Well, we have reached 1% of our goal. Please continue to support us in our quest to return King Henry to Charleville Castle!

All help greatly appreciated!!

Thank you all for visiting and supporting!

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