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'Beyond Form'

By Dearbhail Connon


I am raising funds to go towards staging an exhibition at St Luke's Cathedral in Cork city in July 2019. The title of the show is 'Beyond Form' and it is a body of work made in response to the sudden passing of my only child in 2014. The work explores who we might be beyond our physical form, i.e. the idea of the continuity of consciousness, while also depicting the slow and difficult journey through grief. The inner journey or inscape is depicted or symbolized through vast empty landscapes of deepest blue which eventually evolve and open up to include a more complex composition of colour and resonance. Through the image there is the suggestion of two souls meeting from different dimensions. It is what quantum science refers to as the multi-dimensional nature of reality.


'In voice Leading to Voices'.


Costs Involved.
Framing 1,000 euros. Insurance 200 euros. Materials 300 euros. Marketing and PR 300 euros. Opening night 200 euros.
Fund it Campaign 200 euros.

About Me
I am a visual artist, originally from Dublin and now living in Kinsale, Cork. I hold a BA (Hons) in Media Production and I studied art on the Sherkin Island pilot degree program. I also have an MA in Art Therapy. I have exhibited in many venues around Cork and West Cork, including the West Cork Arts Centre, and the Warren Gallery, Castletownshend. This is my first major solo show.


'Rescue by the First Light'.

My challenge will be to successfully show and promote the work in the most professional manner possible. The work must be well presented in a way that reflects and honours both the subject matter and years spent making the work.

I have very limited funds coming in from the sale of work shown in my recent exhibition 'Coming Across the Bogland's of Ireland'. I am crowding funding because it seems like a viable way to raise money needed to stage the exhibition. It is also a way to create a positive exchange as part of what I will offer for funding is artwork. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about my project. I appreciate any and all forms of support, not just monetary, that friends and clients have offered. I consider Art both a blessing and a vocation, it is the soul food of society. 



'Light is Love in Motion'.



link to Antahkarana



Another day, another work in progress. Thanks again to all of you who have donated towards my campaign. The work never ends. This piece in particular is moving through many manifestations. There is a temptation to give up. Walk away. But i always return. This is the conversational nature of reality, and of painting. 

Beyond Form (Rise with the Light).

video to go with text for Rise with the Light.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn3CRbpShVk

Beyond Form (Rise with the Light).


Rise with the Light and face the Sun. Early morning. Painting. This one is hard one. A fight to uncover. It looks peaceful perhaps but it is hard won. Some paintings are born, like children. They emerge almost seemlessly into the world. As if they have always been here, as if they belong. Others arrive in a wave of doubt and confusion. They question everything. They defy you to find them. To love them. They mirror every deep anxiety you hold. The difficult ones. Fierce, unique and true. 

Light Language.

So we are heading into week 2 of my campaign and it's going very well. Thanks again to those who have donated. I will be very busy after i get the show up making lots of art for you all. At the moment I have started making two new pieces for the show and finishing off the rest of the work. I have uploaded two video's to youtube showing the work in progress. There is a lightness I want to capture in these pieces. In particular I am facinated at the moment at how light falls on the gold leaf and how shadows are formed. I have spoken about this more on my instagram account Dearbhail Connon. My hope for now is that the campaign continues to grow. Please keep donating if you feel called to. It is an exchange and you will recieve beautiful artwork for your money. As someone once said 'buy work from living artists, the dead ones don't need it'. That's it for now. Take Care and Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlsQXNTmkW4 



Beyond Form

Hi. I just want to say a big Thank You to those who helped kick off the project yesterday by donating. It's a great start and I am very grateful for your support. Onwards and Upwards!(in every sense of the words). x

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