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Between Spaces photo book

By Garry Loughlin


My name is Garry Loughlin and I'm a Photographer based in Dublin. For the past seven years, I have worked primarily within the commercial photography industry. Whilst the development of my personal practice has always been important to me, till recently I haven't had the opportunity to give it my entire energy or focus.

In 2013, I decided to cycle nearly 8000km from New York to San Francisco, which took a period of 6 months. This was a conscious decision which I hoped would afford me the time to develop new lines of investigation within my practice. Whilst there is a photography tradition of documenting the American road trip, I felt that traveling by bike would expose me to opportunities and encounters that could be overlooked if travelled by car or bus. Taking a slower pace and being on my own speed allowed me, as an observer passing through small American towns, to see the beauty in the banality of everyday life. I feel the decision to cycle not only gave me a stronger connection the landscape but also to the people I met along the way.

“Between Spaces” is a series of both landscape and portrait photographs which were taken on this journey. Whilst each image has strength and individuality, I feel that the strongest format for this project is to produce a photo book which has a sense of narrative and reflects an essence of the slow pace and sometimes quite moments of my cycle trip. The book will consist of 50 colour images and will be offset printed with a limited run of 300.

“Between Spaces” is my first publication. Whilst I have some limited funds which have already been put towards this project, currently the final costs of printing is out of my reach. I am hoping with help from funders, through Fund it, that this will see that the book gets printed and that the project will come to fruition by the end of the year

Funders who back this journey will in effect be pre-ordering a copy of the book, at a reduced rate, which will be posted or delivered personally by myself. There is also the opportunity to receive some other exciting rewards, of note to participate in a cycle photography trip with me within Ireland.

When funding, please add additional postage costs for residents outside of Ireland.

Thank you for your patience and consideration. I hope you can show some support for this project, any pledge will be hugely appreciated.

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