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Berlin Love Tour on Tour

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In 2008 Tom and Hilary spent five weeks in Berlin, taking guided tours, mapping its monuments, getting under the skin of this city of angels and ruins. In 2010 we worked with writer Lynda Radley and presented the show for an acclaimed sell-out run at the Dublin Fringe Festival. The show has received a number of invitations to perform at festivals nationally and internationally, including Birmingham’s Fierce Festival in March 2012.

We are now looking to raise the remaining funding to bring the show to Cork Midsummer Festival in June 2012, to present the work in our home city, and to showcase to a number of international presenters.

Help us bring this spellbinding and heart-breaking show to a whole new city and a whole new audience.


Welcome to Berlin!

Walk through this famously divided city and journey into the depths of the human heart. Visit the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate and the notorious site of Hitler’s bunker. Hear stories of tragedy and lost love. Your experienced and charming guide will reveal the secrets of this city of angels and ruins, and may have a few stories of her own to tell along the way.

BERLIN LOVE TOUR is a guided tour of Berlin with another city standing in for Berlin – an outdoor theatre performance about monuments and memory, the contradictory impulses to remember and forget, how places are charged with the events that happened there, and how we carry around all the places we’ve been inside

"Gorgeous” FIVE STARS Irish Theatre Magazine

"distils complex ideas into moving motifs… Berlin and love are beautifully, even painfully evoked.” FOUR STARS Irish Times

"This beautiful two hour show made me use my head, use my heart and connected me to my surroundings and my fellow paying punters in a way I haven’t in theatre before" Totally Dublin

Written by Lynda Radley after an idea by Tom Creed and Hilary O'Shaughnessy. Performed by Hilary O'Shaughnessy. Directed by Tom Creed. Costume Design by Deirdre Dwyer

Nominated for Best Actress, Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards 2010, Best Female Performance, Best Off-Site Show and Best New Play, Dublin Fringe Festival 2010.

Playgroup were formed in Cork in 2002, and have produced seven productions to date, in venues ranging from theatres large and small to back rooms of pubs and scheduled trains. Our work includes new Irish writing and collectively created work, in theatrical and off-site contexts.

Past productions include:
THE HEIGHTS, a show based on Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights with neon lights and eighties pop
THE ART OF SWIMMING, a solo performance by Lynda Radley about long distance swimming, celebrity, storytelling and time
THE TRAIN SHOW, a site-specific performance on a working commuter train, DARK WEEK, a large cast site-specific promenade performance at the Everyman Palace Theatre
SOAP! a live soap opera in 10 episodes with a new episode every day

BERLIN LOVE TOUR will be our fifth production at Cork Midsummer Festival, bringing the company back to where we all started ten years ago.



Thank you!

Dear wonderful funders, supporters, friends and family, We want to express our heartfelt thanks to you all for your generous support to bring Berlin Love Tour to the Cork Midsummer Festival. We have worked so hard on this beautiful and touching show and we are delighted to have this opportunity, thanks to your support and help, to bring this show to a new city and a new audience. When the funding completes, we will be in touch regarding your rewards and also to let you know how we're getting on in our preparations for the show. Thank you again, this means so much to all of us working on the show and we hope it will bring something home to Cork. Lots of love, the Berlin Love Tour team xxx

A Message from Hilary...

Berlin Love Tour is a pain in the ass to do, people think you are mad, it hurts your back, drunk people have a pop at you, and it takes loads of work behind the scenes to look seamless but here's one reason why I (Hilary) continue to do it. After one show ended, a german woman followed me off and tapped me vigorously on the shoulder. I thought "here we go, she's gonna rant and point out grammatical errors". But she could barely speak, she was in floods of tears and said" i think this is the best thing i have ever seen about my country". So then I joined in with the tears. This is a woman who has probably with been called a Nazi many times in her lifetime, just cos she is German. Germans don't see many shows where people tell you how much you love their country and how one of their men stole your heart. You can write all the fancy reviews/articles, give all the awards (or not) but this is why we do what we do. We're chasing that elusive moment when you touch one person enough to change their day. That's why we put up with the loons and the naysayers. So, if you can, help us by re-posting or re-tweeting or re-shouting about our fundit campaign. We will be very grateful and you know you will be doing more than helping us pay the great team we work with. You will help us to try and reach out to people and change their day, even if only a little. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far. Wir lieben euch alle x

Thank you!

Hi there, We just wanted to write and send our utmost thanks for your support of Berlin Love Tour on Fund It. It's a very challenging time to be raising money, and we really appreciate your contribution. We still have a long way to go, and would be delighted if you could continue to help us by sharing the Fund It page http://www.fundit.ie/project/berlin-love-tour-on-tour through your social media and by letting anyone know who might not have seen our campaign to date. We would be especially grateful if you knew anyone who might be worth approaching to make a larger investment, as you can see from our rewards we can offer an exclusive private performance of the show, which would be a lovely thing for a company to do together, or to use to entertain some clients in a unique way on a summer's evening. We're planning our next trip to Cork right now, to work out the route, and to figure out which Cork landmarks will be transformed into the monuments of Berlin. We're very excited for you to see the show in June. With every good wish, Tom, Hilary and the Berlin Love Tour team.

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