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Bean Dolan - Solo Album

By Jukebox Gypsy


Hello! My name is Bean Dolan. I’m a musician, originally from the Midlands but now living in Cork. After Jukebox Gypsy disbanded, I started to write a lot of my own music and I had the opportunity to play with lots of other folks. I’ve really enjoyed working with all kinds of musicians and now I want to draw from all these experiences and create something new. I’m currently working on my own solo album and I need your help!

How can you help, you ask? By funding my new album, please!  I have all the songs written and rough demos recorded. Some of these songs have been bouncing around my head for a few years, and some are brand spanking new. I’ve recruited all the musicians I need for the album and sent them my demos. I’d appreciate your help big time in getting this project from inside my head to outside and into your ears!

I will be funding many parts of the project myself, such as the album artwork, mastering the album, creating a website, duplicating the CD/Vinyl, and promoting the album.

What will your money do? Your money will help me pay for studio time and mixing the album, and compensate the wonderfully talented guest musicians for their time.

The album will be recorded over six weeks, and will be released this Summer. It’s going to feature some really great music and lots of amazing musicians that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing over the years. I’m really honoured to have them on board and cannot wait for you to hear my album. I'll be bringing a full band around the country after the release to rock it out in real life.

Please help me finish by funding this album. You won’t regret it! :-)



Here goes!

Here Goes - will be the name of the album :-) Thanks for checking in here and I promise to do you proud on the album.

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