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Barry Kerr new album

By Barry Kerr


My name is Barry Kerr, I am a professional musician/artist from county Armagh. I am foremost an Irish traditional musician, I play uilleann pipes and flute, however I also write and perform songs in a contemporary Irish folk idiom.

I am asking for some patronage to record and release a new album of my own songs and compositions. Much of my material has recently been covered by other Irish artists and I feel it is about time now that I recorded and released my take on my own work.

I have recruited the help of some of Ireland's finest musicians to accompany me on the project, including Pauline Scanlon (Lumiere), Donogh Henessy (Lumiere, Lunasa etc), Donal O Connor (At first light, La Lugh), and Eamon Murray (Beoga). I play music for my livelihood and having a new CD available will help me to continue my work and enable me to tour my own material.

I am excited that friends and followers of my music can be a part of making this album happen, I have included some great rewards for the project and I am sure with your help I will make a great album for you to enjoy.

I have invested much of my own money into the album to date and I am part of the way there with the recording process. I am asking you to help me get over the final hurdle and to get the album out there for everyone to hear.

Website: BarryKerr.com



Latest album progress

Hello friends, i thought i would drop in to let you all know how i am getting on with the album. I know some of you may be getting as impatient as i am to have it finished. Progress has been good so far, i have most of the songs recorded and and some of them just need a few finishing touches like backing vocals and added instrumentation.As the album has developed myself and the producer have heard opportunities in the songs for string arrangements etc. this as i hope you will understand takes a little time to organise. I really would like to bring out the best in the songs and i know being patient with the work will pay off. I have recorded some of my songs that you will be familiar with and also some new ones too. Due to a busy schedule on both my part and the studios i will not be back recording until the beginning of September,hopefully to wrap the thing up. If each of you who contributed could email me your postal address to Barry@barrykerr.com it will make it handy when i am posting out the rewards and CDs when the time comes.Again thanks for your continued support, Barry

going good, over a third of the way

Hiya folks, just a little update to say thanks for your support. I am really delighted about how the fundit campaign is going, thanks for all the shares on social media too as every little helps. I have booked a few more days in the studio and the songs are shaping up, it is really nice to hear them developing. I have written a few new ones that you will not have heard before and the good news is that you will be the first people to hear them! I will not be publicly releasing the music until you have your copies of the work. keep up the recommendations and we will hit the finish line running,thanks B https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqA37AtWDrw

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