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Band of Clouds : Appear to Float

By John Hegarty


Hello there,
My name is John Anthony Hegarty, aka John Haggis.

In 2012, myself and some like minded souls tried to take the collaborative album concept to another level with the atmospheric project Outside Broadcast. The name Band of Clouds being chosen to represent the constant comings and goings of the people who played on the record.

“With its endearing sense of adventure, this downtime project beats the shit out of most people’s uptime efforts.” (Wearenoise)

Having spent the last nine months working on a new 16-track album, we (Band of Clouds) now return with a re-modified line-up. It includes two new songwriters in the crazy shapes of Conor Campbell and Shauna Lou Faith, and some truly great players in Stephen Mahon and Rob O’Doherty.

The new album, including bonus tracks, clocks in at just over an hour. It is in some ways a more song-based affair than Outside Broadcast but there are still many subtle layers to explore in each composition. The title of the album, by the way, was taken from a book about a Russian dancer who would ‘appear to float’ when he got lost in the music.

So, now that the album is ready to be let loose, we are hoping to raise 2,500 euro through our Fund it campaign. The money that we are trying to raise will be used to Master and press 300 Limited Edition 180 gramm coloured-vinyl and 100 Limited Edition Cds.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our campaign.

John Haggis & Band of Clouds

Players on the brand new album:

John Haggis // Guitar, Bass, Drums & Vocals
Conor Campbell // Piano, Guitar & Vocals
Shauna Lou Freeman // Keys, Cello & Vocals
Noel Cleary // Keys & Vocals
Dean O’Sullivan // Guitar & Vocals
Ray Kehoe // Guitars
Stephen Mahon // Bass
Brian O’Sullivan // Bass
Brian Hanrahan Rowe // Bass & vocals
John O’Halloran // Trumpet & Flute
Robert O’Doherty // Harmonica
Louise Flynn // Cello
Sarah Grimes // Drums
Tony O’Keefe // Drums & Vocals
Rory Mullane // Digital Keys
Leon Phelan // Vocals
Ruben Noyce // Vocals
Finn Solomon // Piano & Vocals

We would like to thank Conor Nolan, Aoife Flynn, Rob O'Connor, Avril Stanley, Ray and all the staff at DeBarras, and all our friends and family for their help and support.