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At Sea

By Just The Lads



Let us begin by giving you a brief introduction to the company!

Just the Lads are Darren Sinnott, Erica Murray and Liadain Kaminska. We are inspired by everyday life and occupations. We see the ‘everyday’ as far from ‘ordinary.’ Our first production, The Last Post, brought the audience through the backdoor of the postal system in Ireland. Digging deeper and beyond the sediment of sentiment, we wanted to find out more about the people who sort, deliver and handle our post. We interviewed postal workers and letter writers and produced a promenade piece in The Mart in Rathmines for Dublin Fringe Festival 2013.

Our next project, At Sea, has a melting pot of influences and inspiration.
This play began at sea. It was sparked by a curiosity with a long diminished profession, that of the Radio Officer. The stories of these men who worked on boats off the shores of Ireland and abroad lead us into the world of radio broadcasting; of rolling waves, rock music, and occasionally, dead air.

And so these worlds collide; the vast, deep seas and ever-expanding space on air. Different yet the same, these worlds are containers for memory, loss and heroism. There is a short story by Hemingway called The Old Man and the Sea. It is also part of our salty stew. But most of all At Sea is inspired by older generations. Old men and women who are easily forgotten. Some have no choice but to forget. This play is about a young man who lives only in memories. This play is about an old man whose mind is at sea.

We promise you late night radio, toilet seat wisdom, Elvis boxing Hemingway, live music and recorded memories, recorded music and live memories, a battle with a giant fish, repetition, repetition, repetition…

We promise you this with huge excitement but need your help to ensure At Sea is brought fully to life! Any contribution, no matter the size, will be hugely appreciated. The generous contributions raised here will go specifically towards the rehearsal space and design elements; set, sound and lighting.

Who is on board:

The story is told by three incredibly talented performers, Peter Corboy, Anna Clifford (cello) and Cameron Macauley (electric guitar/keyboard).

And we have an amazing production team that will bring us sailing safely into our port of Dublin Fringe Festival 2014.
Deirdre van Wolvelaere (production manager)
Claire Ingraham (stage manager)
Molly O Cathain (designer)
Jonathan Shanahan (designer)

If you would like to keep in touch find us on Facebook, Twitter and watch this space for a brand new website! And if you would be so kind, spread the word and share this campaign with friends and family. Word of Mouth is our life line.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and for getting this far!
Much Love,
Erica, Darren and Liadain
Just the Lads