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Artist Alan Gallett to attend symposium

By Alan Gallett



I am Alan Gallett an artist and sculptor living in West Cork, Ireland. Recently I have had the honour of being selected to create a work in marble for the 5th International Sculpture Symposium, Autumn Inspiration, Penza 2012 in Russia, on the theme of “Harmony”. The submission I have made is titled “Four Aspects of Harmony. The Symposium runs from August 15 to September 10 this year.

Over the 26 days of the symposium I will, along with 55 other sculptors and painters, create my piece which will remain in the symposium park. My work “The Four Aspects of Harmony” will be out of a block of white marble 200 cm by 230 cm by 100 cm.

Although the Symposium Organisation covers most of a participants costs including: meals and accommodation my participation in this major artistic symposium will cost me in the region of €1300. In order to raise this amount of money, I have created a series of rewards for funders linked to 'Harmony'  including limited editions of the logo (contained in the video), signed photographs of the final work and hand rubbings.  I thank Fund it for allowing my submission and that this will prove to be an effective way to raise this much needed fund for me to participate in the Penza residency.

This is one of the largest Sculpture & Painting Symposiums in the world this year! It has also been described as “One of the best!” by one of last year’s participants. These types of sculpture symposiums are, I feel, extremely important. Not only do they provide new works of Art for a local area, they also provide a working education to the public of how artists produce their work. Of even greater importance is the new network of contacts and friends these symposiums generate between the artists and their new audience. This will be only my second symposium. The first was in 2005 in Viet Nam and was one of the greatest art experiences of my career. I am truly looking forward to attending this symposium in Russia and creating a new work in a new place.

I'd like to thank you in advance for any support you can give.





Well, the project is a success ! What an experience it has been ! Plans for going to Penza can now proceed by the end of June. I thank Fund it for being the host for the Creative Arts to be able to raise funds and wish them continued success. To you who have helped fund my project I send my heartfelt and sincere appreciation. Regards to all. Thank you

The taget is made!

With 7 days now left to run it looks like will be going to Russia ! To you who have supported this project I send my gratitude & sincere thanks. All rewards will be sent by the end of September after the symposium. You can continue to view this adventure on my facebook page and on http://www.symposiumsculpture.ru/en/2012/participants they also have a facebook page. Once again, Thank you.

Now 13 days to go & y funded

For those who are following this or researching Fund It as I did before I made my submission I have these thoughts. First, is that it takes an amount of effort to run a campaign ! 99% of mine is being done on Facebook. I have never used it this much since I started with it several years ago. But, I have made new contacts and refreshed old friendships. Secondly, is how totally unprepared I have been to see who my funders are (excepting the 2 anonymous funders). I expected that there would be a larger number of smaller funders (those funding the €20. pledge). However, the major numbers of funders for my project are for the largest pledge (€100.). This has found conflicting emotions. From being sincerely thankful for their support to hoping that their pledge would not dent their budgets by more than a little. So, I find myself humble in expressing my sincere gratitude even if this campaign does not meet its target (which at the moment looks more & more like it will succeed) . If you are researching Fund It for a project submission be prepared for many hours sitting in front of your keyboard & screen & good luck.

Ten days up and 25 days to go.

The project seems to have stalled a little at the moment and I am trying my best to get the word out and increase my contact base. I really appreciate those who have pledged so far and have heard that there are still some coming. Have just finished an interview on U.C.C. radio "Art Beat" with John Adams. Keeping the faith. Alan

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