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Day Of Long Shadows

By Rooftopbasement Productions


Day Of Long Shadows

On a thundery grey evening, a young girl is brought to the old dark house, unconscious and soaked to the bone. One of the occupants attempts to nurse her back to life. The other does not want her there at all. Who is this strange girl? Where did she come from? And what are the occupants of the house so afraid of? A sense of foreboding hangs in the air of the gloomy evening. And a feeling that all is not as it seems to be.

Long Shadows is the result of a collaboration between myself and Ailish Leavy, the serendipitous availability of the perfect location, and a cast and crew who are very generously bringing their time and various talents to this film.
I have long been interested in the idea of Irish Gothic film - we have the countryside and the weather for it - plus we even have the interiors in many old mansions and castles throughout the provinces.

This short film will be my second outing as director. It will be shot entirely on location in an old and visually arresting three-story mansion on the edge of Port Arlington town.
Paul Henderson (Breaking News) will take on editing and sound, and the soundtrack will be written and performed by Der Todesking, who scored my last short film 'The Painter Upstairs.'

Now all we need is the money to get the project over the finish line. We very much appreciate your investment and support.

Ruth McGuire, Mike O’Flaherty, and Ailish Leavy.

What The Money Is For:
The Location is costing us 1000euro for the 5 day shoot.
The Insurance -300
The Bread and Water for the cast and crew - 200
Travel Expenses for all involved - 150
Lights and Grip Equipment - 250

We have a post-production facility willing to do the final output of the film for free but we need 100euro for DVD's to send out to festivals.

Thank you.