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Adrian Fitz-Simon - New Album

By Adrian Fitz-Simon



I'm a songwriter / multi-instrumentalist and I've just finished recording my second album.

So far the process has been simple - just me burning the midnight oil in a small room at home. But now the songs are asking to be embellished by some other musicians. Then they'll be ready for mixing and mastering.

That’s what part of the money will go towards if this campaign is successful. The songs will then be getting a proper home on heavyweight vinyl, complete with gatefold artwork, lyric sheet... you know, the whole package - the rest of the money will go towards the production of this, along with similarly packaged CDs.

Some of the songs can be heard in the video to the left (it has a surprise twist at the end too!)

Please have a look at the video and consider the rewards below.

Many thanks,


Reviews for my previous album:

'Awash with sunny warmth for the soul' - Irish Times ****

'The sound of an international smash' - Event Guide

'Shimmering pop, perfectly pitched' - Hot Press 8/10

'The best thing to come out of Dublin in ages' - Examiner *****




Four days to go and the target has been met. It's happened on a Friday too so, along with candidates for the local and European elections, I can hang up my canvassing boots up. Thank you so much for supporting my campaign , I've really enjoyed the process of making it happen. Now comes the hard work - mixing (going well already), artwork ideas, photography, videos for some of the songs, ideas for promotion, rehearsal for gigs... gulp! I look forward to getting the final product to you and seeing some of you at the launch gig. Many thanks Adrian

Mixing commences

I have thrown caution to the wind and rather optimistically begun the mixing process. Ben Rawlins, who engineered some of my very early music, will be twiddling knobs, messing about with reverb chambers and hopefully remaining his usual cheerful self throughout the process as I remain my usual pernickety self. Very excited! Thank you to all you new funders, with Ben's help I promise to make this album as great as it can possibly be.


It looks like I'm nearing the halfway mark, thanks to a couple of people who went for the 'Song with your name in the title' option over the weekend. Fantastic! I was interviewed by Denis Goodbody last night for his 'Roots Musings' show on Dublin City 103.2 FM. We sat drinking wine in his kitchen and talked for an hour about my campaign, my influences and the music industry. He will be playing some songs from the upcoming album too. It will be broadcast this coming Thursday night at 11pm, but can be accessed later via SoundCloud.

The Easter bunny has been good

Many thanks to all of you who have helped my project so quickly. Because of you I'm already 20% of the way there. The video has been getting a great reaction, particularly from my children who squeal with delight every time they hear the drummer swear. I keep telling them it's not me, but for some reason they don't believe me.

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