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ActiVacation™© -the family board game

By Ursula Kane Cafferty



by Ursula Kane Cafferty

A brilliant new board game for all the family.


The inspiration

It was while reading a newspaper article in 2008 about the number of people who could no longer afford to go abroad on holidays and were opting for 'staycations' that the idea for this game began to develop.

We’ve always been a board-game kind of family ... but nothing on the market at that time appealed to us.  ActiVacation™© was born!

The title, ActiVacation™©, came from merging the words ‘Active’ and ‘Vacation’.

An interesting selling point of this game is it’s defined ‘Tour Guide’ role, for the person who might be too ill or too tired to play but still wants to be part of the fun - a role which suited a member of our family perfectly.

ActiVacation™© has since been tried, tested and honed to perfection.

The aim of this game is to 'get to the airport'.


The specifics: 

My main reason for crowd funding is to raise financial assistance to get the project off the ground and into production. As I intend part-funding ActiVacation™© from my own savings, be assured that your pledge is going towards a product that will defintely be produced. 

  • The estimated cost of producing 500 games is €11,600 plus 23% VAT (quotation expires in Dec 2019 but costs shouldn't change greatly).
  • A launch event will cost extra, depending on venue, nibbles etc.
  • My intention is to partly fund the project from my own savings. Therefore my pitch is for €10,000.
  • So naturally, I woud encourage you to 'lucky-dip' into this submission and find out more about my ActiVacation™© rewards

My story

Holding a project management qualification, with past experience in planning and commissioning in the health service and the self publication of my book, I am well equipped and motivated to take on the challenge of the production and launch of a limited edition of ActiVacation™©. 

My self-published book, 'Suitcase Number Seven - a rugby story with a difference' was still being spoken of on the airwaves as recently as November 2019.
This previous experience taught me how to -

  • promote a product I believe in
  • run a successful launch event



Why Fund it?

1. The excitement of crowdfunding will get the name ActiVacation™© 'out there' in ways I could never achieve alone

2. The fact that people might pre-purchase the game for specific rewards adds an additional layer of enthusiasm to the project
3. I know people will join the buzz and enjoy playing ActiVacation™© 

Through Fund it I aim to successfully produce and launch a limited edition of ActiVacation™© onto the domestic market within the next year. So If you can spot its potential and you find a reward that appeals to you, your pledge would be much appreciated. The rewards are worthwhile and indeed some people have already expressed their interest in the numbered, first edition, certified copies of the game.

So ... many thanks for reading my submission.




Brilliant response

#BobbyMeansBiz. Huge feedback and many pledges resulted from Saturday’s interview with Bobby Kerr on NewstalkFM. The project is 84% funded now with just over 2 weeks to go. I appreciate all of my friends and donors helping to spread the word about my board game ActiVacation®️ crowdfunding campaign. 

In case you want to listen in again!! Here below is the link. Just fast forward to 25 minutes. 



Never too old!

There’s a saying that

‘you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream’. 

That’s ActiVacation®️in a nutshell. For years I’ve been thinking about putting this game out there. With the assistance of all my pledgers that new dream of mine looks more & more like becoming a reality. 


My chat with Bobby Kerr on NewstalkFM and his obvious interest in the project serves to act as renewed encouragement to get the campaign over the line so that the game can go to production. I’m very happy to say it’s 83% funded now.  


Remember! this initial run is for is a limited edition of 500 games. They could be worth something in years to come. So please keep spreading the word. 


I attach the link to my interview in case you missed it. Fast forward to 25 mins into the show to listen in.... 




All the best 


Down to Business

You might like to listen to Newstalk Radio's 'Down to Business' programme on Saturday morning 15th February at 10.20am when I will be interviewed live in studio about ActiVacation®️ and the crowdfunding campaign.

The total is now at 76% thanks to the generous pledges made by everyone. This publicity should help me make further progress towards the finishing line. 

Again, many thanks,



Almost at the half way mark time-wise and I’m way ahead of the target I set myself last week (now 72% funded!). 

It’s humbling that so many people have faith in me and my product and are happy to make a pledge to see ActiVacation®️

become a reality. I am still working hard at getting ‘my brand’ noticed and with your continued support I know it won’t be too long before my full target is reached. If you know of any company, particularly in the travel industry, who wants value for money from their marketing budget, be sure and let them know about the corporate reward that will advertise their company for as little as €2 per box. And please keep spreading the word. 






In just 19 days I have reached 68% of my target and I wish to say thanks for all your pledges so far. But I still need your support in spreading the word further so that I can get ‘over the line’.

My focus for the coming week is on finding a corporate sponsor, and if any of you know of a company who might be interested, especially from the Travel industry, please contact me or send the link to them. 




Many thanks


Update on designs of ActiVacation®️

As promised in my original Fundit video, I now attach the link to an update on my designs;

(with thanks to info@simplylogodesign.ie for the excellent design-work & commitment to the project). 

The project total has reached 61% which is music to my ears but there are plenty of rewards available to those who still wish to pledge ... if you know of anyone who may be interested please continue to talk about the game. Your support to date has been amazing and I know that with your help I will get this project over the line and start production. 

The support of a corporate sponsor will go a long way towards achieving the final goal so I will be continuing my efforts to promote that reward. For €2 per game their company name would be included for posterity on the first 500 ActiVacation®️boxes.  Now that’s what I call an excellent advertising opportunity. Feel free to spread the word  



Excellent feedback!

The feedback so far from the newspaper article and radio interview has been excellent. Another high-value reward is sold out and the fund has passed the €4000 mark. It’s exciting to realise that so many other people see the potential of ActiVacation®️ and are willing to pledge their hard-earned money to help make production of the board game a reality. I’ve a bit to go yet so please keep spreading the news. All pledges are welcome and there are still some excellent & interesting rewards available. 

Many thanks again




Radio Interview on Midlands 103

Today I was interviewed about ActiVacation®️ by Will Faulkner on Midlands 103 radio. I am posting the link below for you hear what I had to say as I announce that I am already 36% funded. That is beyond my wildest dreams so early on in the campaign. Once again I am gratefully yours, 





A remarkable 33% funded

I am happy to announce that ActiVacation®️ has reached a milestone in its crowdfunding campaign. To be 33% funded is amazing at this early stage in the process and it is only with your assistance in spreading the word that this has been achieved. So! Thanks again everybody  

My local paper, The Westmeath Examiner, published an article today about the board game and also gave some background on my various career experience to date. I will post a link to that as soon as it becomes available on line. 

In the meantime keep talking about it and you never know!! The campaign might receive a corporate sponsorship pledge soon. 



Thirty percent funded!

Five days into my campaign and progress is excellent. I have over €3000 in pledges. Two rewards have sold out but there is still a broad variety to choose from. News of the project continues to filter out via social media and other outlets ... so please keep spreading the word.


Many thanks for your generosity

On this, the first weekend of the campaign, I am delighted to see that there are 30 funders already. Many thanks to you all. 

I received a letter of notification earlier in the week that the ActiVacation®️ trademark registration process has been completed and accepted which is great news.  

As stated in my video, the game is production-ready and in the next few days I will elaborate on the design and quality you can expect in the finished product.

I will also expand further on the story of how the game evolved. So watch this space and feel free to spread the word about ActiVacation®️.   

Thanks for your support.

I am so grateful for the support I have received to date on this campaign. The Mullingar.ie Facebook page have posted a lovely piece.  And I have also been in contact with the local newspaper about the project. The word is out. Feel free to spread the news! 


So far so delightful!

Hi everyone. Many thanks for your generous pledges so far on day one of the campaign. It’s all very exciting. 

To reach 10% of my target so quickly is amazing but there’s a long way to go yet so please continue to spread the news about the range of rewards on offer. I think the €10 reward would make a lovely gift for a child.  Imagine if your name had been included in an original, limited edition, rule book of a board game like Scrabble, Cluedo or Yahtzee!! Just imagine

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