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Abby Oliveira's debut album: 'Transmute'

By Abby Oliveira


I am trying to raise funds in order to record, master, package/duplicate and pay guest musicians on my debut spoken word album 'Transmute'. I have been performing poetry/spoken word throughout Ireland and the Uk for the past 6 years as part of The Poetry Chicks, gaining a notable reputation in doing so. Since I began I have been: Co-founder of The Poetry Chicks 2006, Belfast Poetry Slam champ 2006, Finalist in the BBC4 Slam 2009, Finalist in Glastonbury festival poetry slam 2009, Ulster slam champ 2010, Finalist in All-Ireland slam 2010, Host of 'Poetry and Words' venue @ Glastonbury festival 2010, Organiser/host 2011 all-ireland poetry slam final, and more...

This will be a 12 track studio album of original spoken word works which take their inspiration from themes such as the human condition, transformation, empowerment/dis-empowerment, love and fear, and the process of looking within etc.

What with all the arts funding cuts this is by far my best option to raise the funds needed to pay for the musicians, recording, mastering, packaging and distribution of the new CD (this will involve spending a minimum of 10 days in the studio). I plan to part fund the project myself ofcourse but at this time it's looking quite impossible for me to fund the entire project, and I want everyone I work with to be paid for their work as these are generous souls who do a lot for free.

Recording is envisioned to take place in Oct/Nov, with the finished CD mastered and ready for your ears by Nov/Dec at the latest. The project will culminate in the main album launch which will be held in Derry, N.I and will also act as a showcase for local female talent in the Derry area.

I thank anyone in advance who offers their financial support from the bottom of my heart! The support is, ofcourse, so much more than financial and even though I hope you will feel the offered rewards are good and fair, I couldn't possibly offer an equivalent to the encouragement and sprouting of my dreams which any funders will make possible, as there is none. Even if we don't manage to hit that target, thankyou all very very much. :O)

Abby Oliveira.



One week to go!

Hi all! Just one week to go, it's looking precarious but I will be going all out for my final week of pushing for your dosh and support. Massive thanks so far to everyone! Look out for the wee preview track of the album which is headed towards cyber-space very soon! :O)

Haha! Found ye's!

Ah har! I've located your names thanks to Mz Kerrie O'Brien; so big big thankyou to Pat Byrne, Margo Harkin, FAHY productions, The Fullerton fam (Ruth and Gav), the All-Ireland Poetry Slam, Wurm Im Apfel (Kit), and also to my mysterious anonymous funder (love it, love a bit o' mystery I do.), and to Kerri Anderson. XXXXXXXXXXX

Thankyou all so much so far!

I am absolutely stoked to say that so far 7 funders have very kindly donated towards my project, plus I've recieved a donation from lovely Kerri Anderson which was done outside of cyberspace too, making a grand total at the moment of £250! Fantastic! THANKYOU ALL!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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