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A Nomadic Exchange

By The Project Syndrome


"A Nomadic Exchange" is my second collection of poetry and it follows on in themes from the previous collection in a manner that evolves on the subjects explored in my first collection "Captivate Renaissance". Multiculturalism is a common concept in both collections but where my first collection looked on this from a very contained Irish perspective whereas this new collection attempts to perceive different cultural identities on a much larger scale and examines the integration of foreign influence on the European Union, the influence of the United States on global migration, inevitable threats of violence and prejudice, personal traumas of individuals doing their best to strive in society and the moral obligation to do the best we can to maintain and extend a comfortable standard of living to a new and culturally opposing global community. Does this mean compromising with alien cultures? Yes of course and it will cause a struggle in each individual to reconsider their sense of morality and embrace the other side of their subconscious in a healthy and accepting way in order to end all conflict and live in relative peace with their new neighbours for the good of mankind.

My name is Edmund Buckley. I am from Dublin where I was born and bred until I graduated from English Media & Cultural Studies in IADT when I took what I thought would be a three month work experience holiday to South America. Here I met my future wife and decided to stay for another four years. This is when I began writing about my experiences growing up in Ireland and when I returned to live in Ireland I had the majority of my material written for my first collection of poetry "Captivate Renaissance" and my debut novel "The Death of a Socialite". Both of these books were successfully funded on Fund it and sold using my website The Project Syndrome where I plan to sell an audio book e-book and take orders for posted printed copies of my current project "A Nomadic Exchange".

I am crowdfunding for this project as I see it as an excellent means of promotion and expanding my fan base before the launch of an artistic project. It has worked for me before on both occasions and I am very excited about the prospect of having a third successful campaign. I have no other source of funding and am relying entirely on your generosity to complete this third Fund it campaign to produce my collection.

The money raised will be used in three main areas. The most absorbing is the 100 printed copies of "A Nomadic Exchange" that will be posted out to potential buyers. I will also have an e-book professionally drafted and distributed for online sales. The third area is the production of an audio book that will be recorded and released online. I will also be promoting and distributing all three formats online.

The risks and challenges that I will face are again in the three main areas that my expenses will cover. I will need to generate a great buzz around the Fund it campaign to raise the money and then continue this momentum to promote the work that I have been doing for the past four years. I must do so by organizing a book launch and reaching out to a global audience with my website. 

I am extremely grateful to you for reading about my new project. I have worked passionately on this collection for a long time and cannot bring it to be realised the way I feel it deserves without public support. Thank you so very much for taking time to consider it.



Just 14% left to go!!


Going strong after two weeks!!

Hi there! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I have a new project live at the moment that is going strong, The Winding Reign is at 35% after two weeks

Excellent start to the new project

Happy Weekend everyone!! I am thrilled to say that the new project is at 14% after just two days

The Winding Reign has just gone live

Project no.5 is now live The Winding Reign

A New Fundit Project Going Live Real Soon:)

Hey there Funditeer!!

I just wanted to write and let you know that there will be a new Fundit Project going live at the beginning of September.  Endangered Souls is a novella that I have written, it is short and cheap to produce so my target is the lowest it has ever been.  Keep a look out on social media for more news!!





Getting ready to print!

Hey all!


So the money has gone through now and I am organising the order the poems will be printed in and have designed the cover too!! I will be contacting the printers this week and will have the book out asap! Thank you all so much for contributing!

Thanks a million to Keith Dunne for funding!

Last but definitely not least, a whopping great big thank you to Keith Dunne for donating from the very first project until now!! Couldn't do it without you dude! Thanks a million!!

Thanks Damien Dollard for getting me over the finishing line!!

Thanks Damo for funding yet again, you have always been a great supporter of my work from the very beginning, I really appreciate it mate!

Thank You Nithy Kasa for Funding!!

Thank you very much for funding Nithy!! What a great surprise it was to get home from a few days away and see that I have reached my target!  Thank you to everyone who contributed over the past few weeks!!

Thanks for funding Rex!

A great big thank you to Rex for funding today

Thanks for funding Ciaran Redmond

Thanks for funding Ciaran Redmond!! Just 8% to go now with over a week left! Brilliant!!!

Thank you very much David Buckley!

Wow! Just got funded again by David Buckley. I am just €99 away from the target now with almost two weeks left

Thanks James Fidock!!

 Thanks to our good friend James for funding today, just €199 to go

A Great Big Thank you to Sharon Browne!!

Thanks to Sharon Browne for funding today, all the way from the US!!  Great to get support from over seas! At 80% with just over a fortnight to go :)))

Thanks to Keara Killian for funding!

 Thanks a million Keara for funding! Can’t believe the support on this campaign

Thanks Lewina for funding!!

A big thank you to Lewina for funding today! Moving along nicely with three weeks to go

Thank you Vladimir!!

 Thanks so much Vladimir Boreiko for being a really great funder!! I really appreciate it!!

Thanks Marcio!

A great big thank you to Marcio Italo for funding!!

Thanks Marcio!

A great big thank you to Marcio Italo for funding!!

More Phantom Funders!

Another pledge has just been made! At 51% now with 3 weeks to go!

Thank you Mysterious Funder!

Hey thanks to a phantom funder who funded "A Nomadic Exchange" late last night!

Thanks Ciara Moneley for funding!!

A great big thank you to Ciara Moneley for funding!! Almost half way now!!

Thanks Ciara Moneley for funding!!

A great big thank you to Ciara Moneley for funding!! Almost half way now!!

Thank you Vinny Byrne for Funding!!

Big thanks to Vinny Byrne for funding the project! Been too long dude, we should arrange a get together!

Thank you Padraig!

A big thank you to Padraig Moneley for funding! Really appreciate it!!

Thank you very much for funding Saana!

A big thank you to Saana Ojala for funding today! See you soon Saana!

Thanks to Sheridan Flynn for funding!

Big thanks to Shero for funding, just keeps coming! Amazing generosity from everyone!!

Thanks to Jun Mallari for Funding!!

A big thank you for Jun Mallari for funding this project! So grateful brother!!

Thanks to The Phantom Funders!!

Thank you very much for the anonymous funders! What a boost to the project funds!! Thrilled for the boost!!  Hope you are all safe from Hurricane Ophelia! Stay in doors!!

Thanks for funding Aisling!!

Big thanks to Aisling for funding! Hope you’re safe today from Ophelia!!

The second fund is officially made!!

Hey! Thrilled to announce the second fundit contribution

The second fund is officially made!!

Hey! Thrilled to announce the second fundit contribution

Thank you very much to the first Funditeer Vivien Buckley!!

Gotta thank my sister Vivien for funding this project, she has always supported my projects generously! Very grateful brother here!!

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